Here’s How you Can Deal with Post-COVID Hairfall

By      22-May 2021       Reading Time: 4 Mins

Here’s How you Can Deal with Post-COVID Hairfall

The Covid pandemic has not only altered our lives but also affected our physical and mental well-being like no other! The big second wave of Covid-19 has increased our stress levels and a major number of people who have been infected and recovered from it complain about the hair fall. This could be due to a condition called telogen effluvium, a form of temporary hair loss. Stress is the main culprit of this condition. This condition can easily be reversed by incorporating some healthy habits in your lifestyle.

Stress and trauma is one of the most important factors of hairfall. It may not be noticeable in the beginning but our body does respond to our mental state and takes a toll physically or mentally, it is also known that corona diagnosed patients tend to be afraid due to the knowledge of its deadly symptoms hence this may be a factor of the Hair Fall.

Here are some tips that you should abide by in order to control post-covid hair fall.

  • Reduce stress levels: the first and foremost step is to decrease your stress levels. Indulging yourself in various activities that assist in reducing high stress levels like meditation, yoga, indoor games, book reading, cooking or any other activity that you like is a great option. Be patient and make sure to be consistent with this to get effective results.
  • Follow a healthy diet: Internal nourishment is extremely vital for a healthy outer you. A healthy and well-balanced diet helps in treating your hair and skin internally and makes your hair strong and shiny. Make sure your protein intake is optimum and in addition to this take care of your iron and vitamin D intake in order to treat hair fall. Vitamins E, A should be up to the mark as well as these vitamins are extremely vital for cell growth including hair. Add chicken, fish, leafy vegetables, eggs, fruits and nuts to your diet.
  • Take hair supplements: If you are suffering from extreme hair fall, then make sure to consult an expert and consume hair supplements to treat the damage quicker. Proper supplementation under the guidance of an expert helps in enhancing the pace of hair growth.


Corona sure is a difficult virus to be dealt with even after the treatment many patients may observe post-corona symptoms such as hair fall. Such symptoms are a result of the lack of a proper diet, stress, or even hormonal imbalances, which again is influenced by the diet. The doses of medication and high stress levels during the Covid can take a toll on your hair health. Follow the above-mentioned tips to minimize the Hairfall and eventually stop it. If you are suffering from extreme hair fall even after following a healthy lifestyle, then do consult an expert. Do not consume any supplements or medications without expert’s advice.

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