Tips to Keep a Check on Triglycerides Level

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Tips to Keep a Check on Triglycerides Level

Your doctors and nutritionists  have warned you to keep a check on what you are consuming on a daily basis and what all should a balanced diet contain. The main reason behind eating the right kind of nutrients will help you stay fit and healthy in the longer run. It will keep you energetic and active even after you have turned 40. Eating healthy has long-term benefits and that is why we are forced to follow a balanced diet. Excessive fat in the body can cause damage which can result in severe chronic diseases. So, when you monitor the fat stored in your body, look out for triglycerides. It is a type of fat that is found in the blood. The body converts any calories that aren’t needed immediately into triglycerides. These triglycerides are stored in the fat cells and are used later on to provide energy to the body.


Having a high level of triglycerides in the body is linked with severe health conditions such as heart diseases (blocked coronary arteries or heart attack), stroke, obesity, damage to liver and pancreas, abnormal cholesterol level, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar. Taking all this into consideration, you can now understand how excessive triglycerides can prove extremely harmful to the body.


Monitoring the level of triglycerides is necessary to reduce the risk of any chronic disease. Here is what you should be looking at:


  • Normal – Less than 150
  • Borderline high – 150 – 199
  • High – 200 – 499
  • Very high – 500 or higher


Paying attention to your body and ensuring its optimum functioning involves taking care of your food intake. One of the major sources of triglycerides is food. Most of the fat stored in your body is triglycerides. Keeping a low level of triglycerides in the body is essential for its healthy functioning and also controls the accumulation of excess fat in the body. Here are a few tips for you to follow and maintain the level of triglycerides in your body:


  • Burn it out: Walking every day for 30 mins is also a great way of burning down the extra layer of fats in your body. When you eat extra calories, it is stored as fat in your body. Accumulation of this fat leads to severe health conditions. Losing weight is an effective way of lowering down triglycerides in the body.


  • Say no to sugar: Sugar is a major reason for the increased level of triglycerides in the human body. Cutting down sugar from your diet might sound like a difficult task but proves extremely beneficial in the longer run. Fructose, sugar found in fruits contributes to increasing the count of triglycerides. Cut down foods that might have added sugar such as cereals, baked goods, and candies.


  • Eat those fibers: Incorporate whole grains instead of white flour and oats instead of sweet cereals in your everyday meals to get healthy fibers for the body. Legumes, vegetables, and nuts are rich in fibers. Fibers reduce the absorption of fat in the body ultimately leading to low triglycerides in the blood.


  • Avoid saturated and trans fats: Cut down consumption of packaged goods and fried foods that are full of unhealthy and saturated fats that are harmful to the body. High levels of trans fat in the body can contribute to the growth of triglycerides which puts the body at risk of heart diseases.




While some level of triglyceride is essential for the body to get energy for carrying out several processes, keeping a check on them is required. Getting a health checkup regularly should be promoted to monitor the functioning of the body.


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