Monsoon Meals 101: Enjoy this Season With These 5 Healthy Recipes

By      02-Jul 2022       Reading Time: 3 Mins

Monsoon Meals 101: Enjoy this Season With These 5 Healthy Recipes

Monsoon is one of the most beautiful and awaited weather by many. It is such refreshing weather after scorching summers in India. Rain brings People not only look forward to enjoying the rains but also enjoy special delicacies prepared during the monsoon.

Along with rains also come bacterial infections and virals. To keep the immune system strong and a host of health problems at bay, it is essential to be careful and have a healthy diet during the monsoon season. People tend to fall ill during this season, and one of the ways out to stay healthy during monsoon is to have a balanced diet for stronger immunity. Small and simple dietary changes help to stay healthy during the season.

It is believed eating pattern and nutrient requirement changes with the change in the season. During Monsoon one should ensure their diet is rich in Vitamin C, Anti-oxidant rich, and Protein rich. Adding a lot of seasonal vegetables and fruits to daily diet One should avoid eating out and should indulge in home-cooked foods. One of the most forgotten nutrients during the Monsoon is Water, remember to hydrate yourself well. One should also add herbs and spices to keep the immune strong.

Apart from the most indulged Masala Chai during Monsoon Healthy recipes that one can indulge in without having to worry about weight gain

Lemon Coriander Soup – Vitamin C-rich and immunity-rich soup. One can add egg drop or shredded chicken to the soup along with lots of veggies and have it as a complete meal.

Jamun Shots – One of the Seasonal fruit and rich in Anti-Oxidant and Vitamin C. One of the superfoods to be consumed during rains. A great nutrient-rich mid-meal option.

Boiled Sweet-Corn Chat – One of the most enjoyed tangy and spicy snacks. A must-have healthy evening roadside snack option during rains.

Besan Chilla / Mixed Dal Chilla – During rains one crave pakodas and bhajiyas. Well, Besan Chilla or Mixed Dal Chilla served with green chutney is the best guilt-free alternative, without having to worry about weight gain.

Rasam – A very healthy Traditional South Indian dish for lunch or dinner Ingredients like tamarind, kokum, dal, and garlic make it a super healthy drink to have.

Over To You:
Hunger pangs and cravings for certain foods are quite high during monsoon and these recipes will help you in enjoying the season while keeping yourself healthy.

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