Healthy feasting with Ragi ka Halwa

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Healthy feasting with Ragi ka Halwa

Halwa – a staple dessert of festive times in India. Considering that festive times have already begun, you’ll be able to find ladies looking for ways to make their halwa unique and relishing at the same time. But no matter which recipe you pick, you’ll find it laden with refined sugar and unsaturated fats, which are unhealthy and could disrupt your diet as well your system.

Now, there are those who believe that the whole flavor and aroma of this dessert comes from the extensive amount of ghee poured in it. Does this mean that there’s no way to enjoy a bowl of delectable halwa that is also not ‘injurious’ to your diet plan?
Well, no.
Healthy Halwas do exist and here we are sharing one such recipe – Ragi halwa.
Ragi halwa recipe:
What you need:

  • 30 g Ragi flour
  • 15 g Ghee
  • 5 g Jaggery
  • 10 g Nuts

Nutritional benefits: A sweet & savoury source of natural calcium, phytates, and various other antioxidants to propel better health.
Calories: 310-320 kcal
How you cook:

  • Heat ghee in a bottomed pan. Add whole wheat flour to the ghee and roast it.
  • Add jaggery and a little water and mix well. Make sure no lumps are formed.
  • Add Saffron and Cardamom powder for flavor, if you like.
  • Serve it hot.
  • Add low-fat milk, if required.

Over to you:
Give your festivity a healthy twist with Ragi , and give yourself a break from unhealthy festive treats. Make every occasion nutritious with Nmami Life, and do share with us a healthy dessert recipe of your choice in the comment section below, and get a chance to be featured in our blog.

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