What are Winter Blues and How to Tackle Effectively?

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What are Winter Blues and How to Tackle Effectively?

The change in season can leave some people experiencing a mood shift like being a little more lethargic or down overall. According to the National Institutes of Health, winter blues means feeling sad and generally more down in the dumps. The scientific reason behind the winter blues is less sunlight the body’s biological clock that checks on our brain’s wave activity and hormone production. Here are a few techniques to keep in mind if you are facing the winter blues:


There is a link between wearing bright colours and feeling optimistic. Grey, black and blue tends to dominate our wardrobe during the winters. But you should avoid wearing it, as the weather is already dull and grey so wearing dark-toned colours make you even more gloomy and sad. So try to incorporate bright colours like red, orange, yellow purple etc.


Since the main source of vitamin-d is the sun, and due to the grey weather, we are not able to capture sunlight. So it is recommended that you should take Vitamin-D supplements. So many diseases are correlated with low vitamin-d levels, one of them being depression. Certain food items like milk, yoghurt, cheese etc.


The brighter your environment the less gloomy and sad you will feel. Try and switch on more lights at your home or at your workplace. Make sure you are staying in a well-lit environment. This will help you stay more active and increase your willingness to stay optimistic. Gather natural lights wherever possible.


Avoid the feeling of isolation. See friends and family and be sociable. By being around friends and family, you will feel not only good but also lift your mood. 


Make a change in your food habits. Eat food that helps you increase your immune system and lift spirits. Certain carbohydrates-rich food such as beans, whole grains, etc help you maintain regular levels of serotonin which is often called the “feel good” chemical.


Watch positive movies. Christmas movies are always a good choice if you are experiencing winter blues. These movies are bright and child-like, which increase your euphoria.  They always cheer you up and make you think about the good in winters.


The above tips and tricks will help you through the winter blues. The main remedy for taking out all the sadness and gloominess within yourself is talking to someone. Talking to someone can improve positivity and help you pave the way through all the pessimistic thoughts. Also, keep yourself warm with hot drinks warm clothes and shoes. The seasonal affective disorder is a very common disease seen in many. In case you feel those depressing moments in the winter season, it’s normal. But if it increases please do consult a qualified professional.

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