Ultimate Wedding Countdown- Diet Secrets for Every Bride-to-be

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Ultimate Wedding Countdown- Diet Secrets for Every Bride-to-be

The months leading up to the wedding are often extremely stressful. From choosing the wedding decor to choosing the wedding outfit- there’s a lot from pillar to post that happens.  Well, amidst this there’s also nutrition that needs to be taken care of, for you don’t want to look weak right before your big day. Make sure to avoid refined sugar, flour, and oil. Any packaged food can increase the chances of inflammation in the body. So, it’s important to incorporate fresh, seasonal and regional fruits and vegetables in your diet, alongside nuts and seeds, whole grains and adequate amounts of water for digestion and detoxification. Read more to find out some diet secrets that can help in your D-day. 

Have Green Tea. 



Green tea has some powerful antioxidants that can help in fighting free radicals in the body and keep inflammation at bay. It also improves metabolism, which can help in weight loss and management. It also detoxifies the body and hence, rejuvenates the skin. You can add lemon juice to your green tea for a vitamin-C boost.

Include Coconut Water. 



Coconut water is a great source of having vitamin-C, fibre, manganese, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. It also induces a healthy glow on the skin, because it’s hydrating and antioxidants rich. Coconut water also helps in better digestion and assimilation. So, have a glass of coconut water each day for beautiful skin and a healthy body.

Eat Every Few Hours. 



Eating every few hours will keep you away from hunger pangs and won’t stress your digestive system too. Include more raw fruits and veggies, eat in small quantities and keep your bottle of water along. 

Eat Before The Sun Sets. 



Have your dinner before 7 p.m. Doing so will not wreck your digestive system and will also not make you feel bloated. Also, try to keep it very light and low on carbohydrates. Think of including a bowl of warm vegetable, or tomato soup, millets along with vegetables, or a plain khichdi. 

Go For Healthy Snacks. 



Snack-time is the most tricky time of the day. So, when you include more protein and fibre rich option, you will feel full for a longer period of time and hence, help in keeping your weight in check. You can have an apple with peanut butter, hummus with veggies, oatmeal, mixed nuts and seeds, any smoothie of your choice, or a couple of oranges. 

Keep Yourself Hydrated. 



Hydration is the most important thing for your body and your skin. Having at least 2 litres of water or more whenever you are thirsty, will flush out the toxins and keep your organs functioning well. If you feel plain water is too much, you can have buttermilk, fruit and vegetable juices, herbal teas, or make yourself a bottle of detox water by adding some cucumber, lemon and mint leave in it. 

Over to you. 

A healthy diet will keep you healthy, stress-free, and energetic. Do not compromise on your sleep and exercising routine for enhanced health. Moreover, cut down on simple carbs and restrict yourself to having more home-cooked food. Also, be mindful about what you put into your stomach, try to not use your phone or watch TV while eating. Employ the above-mentioned diet secrets for a charismatic skin and overall good health


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