Role of Ferritin in Preventing Hair Loss & Top Sources

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Role of Ferritin in Preventing Hair Loss & Top Sources

In the world of grooming and hairstyling we come across the word keratin multiple times, it is a known fact that keratin protein present in our blood is significant for the growth and strength of our hair but when we take in “hair loss” as a particular factor, keratin is not the only responsible protein, that’s when ferritin steps in and that are what we will try to understand and implement.

We know that our body works in harmony with all internal proteins, nutrients, sources of energy, etc, the same harmony is also observed in the case of our hair. Yes, our hair is the result of multiple hormones, proteins, and to some extent our diet, and hence when we talk about “hair fall” we cannot simply rule out the important factors which in turn result in the said problem. Ferritin is a protein present in our blood that is stored as a reserve, meaning whenever our body needs the said protein, the body can deliver it almost spontaneously. Ferritin is a compound of element ferrous(Iron), thus a low amount of ferritin would mean a deficiency of iron content in your blood. We may undergo a ferritin test to get a precise estimate.

When someone has “hair fall” it would be associated with the fact that there is ferritin deficiency in their body, for that we understand the process of utilization of ferritin. Our hair roots store ferritin which is responsible for the strength of our hair, however when our body is under ferritin deficiency, the body starts absorbing ferritin from our hair roots to satisfy the needs, this phenomenon of deficiency is often accompanied by “hair loss”. Some responsible factors for deficiency of ferritin are Significant blood loss, pregnancy, inadequate diet(severe vegan or vegetarian diet), low thyroid levels, menstruation, etc.

Hair loss is not the only visible symptom of ferritin deficiency, others may include, dizziness, fatigue, headache, shortness of breath, and lack of concentration. It is understood that we should follow proper intake ferritin, some tweaks we can make are as follows: Ear iron and vitamin C rich food, vitamin C helps in absorption of iron, getting enough sun and vitamin D rich food such as cheese and eggs may also benefit you, along with this zinc also plays an important role and hence eating zinc-rich food such as whole grains, dairy products such as curd and meat is proved beneficial.

Over to you:
All in all, ferritin is a significant protein present in blood that plays its crucial role in hair strength and should be treated with the same priority as keratin, and hence to prevent hair loss and other symptoms, it is recommended to have a fairly balanced diet, including iron-rich foods. We should also keep in mind that an overdose of any substance is equally fatal and hence to avoid symptoms like nausea, vomiting, irritation, abdominal pain, and bloody stools we should never intake a substantial amount of iron, or in general anything.

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