6 Hacks to avoid Sugar Rush in Children during Easters

By      03-Apr 2023       Reading Time: 4 Mins

6 Hacks to avoid Sugar Rush in Children during Easters

Easter is around the corner, it is a time for celebration and feasting. It is also the time when kids and adults alike make easter eggs and chocolates as treats in line with the tradition followed everywhere.


However a major worry for the parents is how to ensure that their kids do not go overboard with chocolates and candies during Easter and avoid sugar rush in the children


Here are a few hacks to help parents enjoy the Easter celebrations without having to manage the sugar rush in their kids – 

  • Have a healthy breakfast with good amount of proteins

A healthy breakfast with whole grains and proteins can keep the children full for a long time and prevent any cravings for sweets. Whole wheat/millet pancakes, peanut butter sandwich, avocado toast or even our desi idli and dosa are wholesome breakfast options for kids.

  • Make your own chocolate eggs

It is easier to modify the amount of sugar added for making chocolate eggs at home VS store bought ones. Using dark chocolate and reducing the sugar content can give you some really healthy eggs that the kids can eat.

  • Sharing is caring

Easter is a good time to demonstrate the art of sharing with other people. Making chocolate eggs or candies, decorating them, involving the kids to decorate and pack them attractively and distributing them to people is a good way of inculcating the good habit of sharing. Also, sharing helps to prevent overeating and causing a sugar rush.

  • Include fruits

Fruits make excellent easter trails. They are a healthy alternative and also satisfy the sweet tooth of kids and adults alike. You can even dip fruits like strawberries in the melted chocolate to make chocolate coated fruits and berries. 

  • Keep the sweet goodies out of sight

Have you heard of the adage ‘Out of sight is out of mind?’ This is very true in this case too. If the children see the chocolates displayed in front of them, they will keep asking for the same.

The best thing to do is keep the sweet goodies away from their little peaking eyes to reduce the amount of sweets that they consume.

  • Avoid giving the goodies close to the meal time

The chocolates and the candies are appetite spoilers. If the kids eat close to their lunch or dinner, they tend to eat less quantity of meal than usual. This is because the sugar satisfies their energy requirement and hence they do not feel hungry. 

The best thing to do is either give a small portion post meal or with the meal in the form of dessert, asserting the importance of eating a healthy meal and giving dessert as a treat for the same.


Festivals are an occasion to enjoy with family and to socialize. By the hacks mentioned above, parents can enjoy the spirit of the festival without having to compromise on their kids’ health and well being.


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