Selena Gomez calls Herself an Advocate of Mental Health

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Selena Gomez calls Herself an Advocate of Mental Health

Selena Gomez just got back just after her transformation from physical and mental health. The singer is ready to come into the spotlight and talk about the reason behind her physical and mental health and how she came out and build herself into a new one.

In a recent interview, Selena spoke openly about mental health and said that speaking about her mental health “saved” her life. The singer is ready to flaunt her new confidence and talks about her steps and work that helped her to reach where she is today.

How she deal with the mental problems

She said, “My highs were really high, and my lows would take me out for weeks at a time. I set up that I was suffering from a lot of issues that are disrupting to my mind and thoughts. And figuring out my mental issues was a kind of great relief. Accepting that you are suffering from mental problems is the right way to start the right medications and save yourself from more destructible situations. I got on the correct medication and it completely changed my life. I have effectively worked on my low self-esteem. But I feel so empowered because I’ve gained so much knowledge about what was going on mentally.

I have become a huge advocate of mental health and I want to fulfil my dream of teaching dialectical behaviour therapy so that kids know how to deal with anxiety and depression. Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) can be defined as a type of intellectual behavioural therapy that aware and teaches developmental skills to people’s mind to help them with handling tensions and stress, managing sentiments and emotions and also helps in improving the relationships.

DBT is extremely important and gives great information to help people who are suffering from painful emotions. There are various skills taught in DBT like diminishing black and white thinking, how to tolerate distress and deal with bad and negative emotions.

Here are some of the structure, goals and characteristics of DBT therapy:

  1. Support: DBT therapy can encourage you to identify your positive strengths.
  2. Behavioural: DBT therapy brings changes to your life by helping you in analysing your problems.
  3. Cognitive: DBT therapy helps you in focussing on altering various negative thoughts and beliefs that can further create problems in your life.
  4. Skill sets: DBT therapy helps you in enhancing your capabilities.
  5. Acceptance and change: DBT therapy brings you new strategies that will help you to accept and tolerate your emotions.

So, take inspiration from this star and make your mental state happy to get a new you. If you are suffering from some mental health issues then do a fresh start and fight with your negative feelings and emotions to make yourself stronger and happier.

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