Eat Like A Local- Mesmeric savouries of Meghalaya

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Eat Like A Local- Mesmeric savouries of Meghalaya

Talking about Indian cuisine, we often fail to consider dishes from India’s North-east. The dishes coming from the North-east are deeply rooted in their traditions and culture of their states and are a crucial part of their rich, diverse food that is proudly a part of Indian cuisine.

Let’s see through a culinary journey of one such state of North-east – Meghalaya whose cuisine will leave your taste buds yearning for more.

  • Jadoh- The traditional jadoh of the Khasi tribe is the Meghalayan equivalent of a pulao or biryani. This dish is made with short grain red rice called joha rice and pork, the meat is slowly cooked with an array of aromatic spices. It is an extremely popular dish during Khasi festivals, the villages of Meghalaya offer the most authentic version of the dish.
  • Dohkileh – A Khasi pork dish, Dohkileh could definitely qualify as one of the most extreme foods to come out of Meghalaya. Essentially, a pork salad which consists of pig brains cooked in curry and usually accompanied with flat bread, topped with lettuce leaves, tomatoes, beans, mixed with finely chopped onions, chillies and local seasoning add on to the rustic taste.
  • Pumaloi – Rice is a staple food of Meghalaya and it is consumed in many different forms and varieties, and also as an accompaniment to other curry dishes. A rice dish known as Pumaloi is one such favourite Meghalayan cuisine. Pumaloi means powdered rice, which has been steamed. Khiew Ranei a unique pot is used to cook the rice.
  • Nakham Bitchi – A unique dish from the Garo Hills of Meghalaya. It is basically a special dry fish that is used to make the soup with lots of chilli and other spices that are incorporated to add taste which is really nutritious and delicious. Now that you know the beauty secret of Garo maidens. It is a must-try, and an easy-to-prepare dish.
  • Sakin Gata – Sakin Gata is a sticky white rice cake, a sweet delicacy of Meghalaya food. They are soaked in water overnight and mixed with sugar. Then, the altenative layers of the rice mixture and roasted sesame seeds are arranged in banana leaves, placed in a special cooking pot and steamed and served piping hot.

Over to you:
Take a trip to Meghalaya at the earliest and we are sure, it will be a trip you will be talking about for years to come!

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