Here’s Everything you Need to Know About Female condoms

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Here’s Everything you Need to Know About Female condoms

What are female condoms?

Female condoms are almost similar to male condoms. The very basic characteristics and benefits it offers are safe sexual intercourse. They assist in avoiding pregnancy by putting a restriction on sperms from getting in your vagina at the time of sexual intercourse. Female condoms also give protection from spreading the sexually transmitted infections generally known as HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis.

Female condoms are the kinds of rubber pockets that can be easily placed into the vagina. They are round in shape and have bendable elastic rings at both ends. One end clutches the condom inside your vagina while the other side left out of your vagina. 

Benefits of female condoms

Some of the most important benefits of female condoms include:

  • No or fewer side effects
  • Protection against pregnancy and STIs
  • Free from latex
  • Increased sexual arousal
  • Safe, simple and convenient
  • Can be easily used during menstruation
  • Does not harm the hormones of a woman

Efficiency of female condoms

When used properly female condoms can give you various advantages just like the male condoms. Various researches have said that female condoms can actually minimize the risk of unwanted pregnancies.

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, Female condoms have a failure of 21%. The literal meaning of this is- for every 100 female who uses condoms for the only motive of birth control, 21 of them suffer from accidental pregnancies every year.

However, if it is used properly, it can be beneficial for avoiding pregnancy and various sexually transmitted diseases.

Quick facts on female condom

  • When used properly, a female condom is 95% effective
  • Free from latex
  • They safeguard and protect an extensive area of the body as compared to male condoms

The disadvantages include

There are various drawbacks of using female condoms. It can lead to:

  • Vaginal, anal, or penile irritation
  • Allergic reaction
  • Vaginal discomfort
  • It can also mistakenly slip down into the vagina during the sexual intercourse
  • Quite expensive as compared to male condoms 
  • Not easily accessible

Tips for use

  • Always read the instructions on the package and check the date of expiry before use
  • Check the condom for any kind of tears and defects
  • Use a lubricant to prevent any sliding and ripping
  • Do not re-use a female condom
  • Do not try to use both male and female condom together
  • Do not flush a condom as it can make its way to environmental damages

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