5 Health Myths You Should Stop Believing in Right Now

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5 Health Myths You Should Stop Believing in Right Now

Getting fitter and healthier is an extensive topic and you will find thousands of information on it that will definitely make you feel confused about what to believe and what to not! And as a result, this can impact your overall health and well-being while taking you close to various health complications. Clearing away such bundles of misconceptions can help you in becoming healthier, stronger and energetic with the accurate dose of nutrition. Here are some common myths in the lane of health and wellness that people abide by which not only hamper their health but also make them less energetic and further hinder their productivity.  

5 Health Myths You Should Stop Believing in Right Now


  • Myth: Consuming less protein help in losing weight


Fact: Protein is one of the essential nutrients that help in the smooth functioning of the body. Cutting down the protein quantities from your diet can easily impact your overall health by making your bones and muscles weak. Consult an expert before making such a decision and to know the correct dosage of nutrients your body requires to lose weight.


  • Myth- Cashews consumption can increase cholesterol levels


Fact- As cashews contain carbohydrates and fats, many people think that cashews can spike up the cholesterol levels. But the truth is yes, cashews contain saturated fat but a maximum amount of this is produced from stearic acid (a type of fatty acid that has a neutral effect on blood cholesterol). Moreover, these nuts provide plenty of Vitamins and minerals that are quite beneficial for the human heart and can help in managing weight. Always take care of the quantities you are consuming so that you can reap the maximum benefits without any health complications.


  • Myth: You cannot exercise at an older age


Fact: Many people go by the line that exercising at an older age is not good for health as the body becomes weak and cannot hold pressure but the truth is exercising at any age can make you feel optimistic, energetic and it improves your overall health while taking you away from pains, discomforts and chronic diseases. Just maintain your pace at older age and try not to force your body to do more. You can do yoga, low-intensity aerobics, breathing exercises at an older age to keep yourself away from pains and aches.


  • Myth: A plant-based diet does not provide enough protein


Fact: Many people believe that plant-based diet does not provide sufficient amount of protein and those who follow this diet are protein deficient but the truth is certain plant-based food sources are rich in protein and balancing your diet by adding these sources can provide you with a great amount of protein. Food sources like tofu, lentils, peanuts, chickpeas, almonds, quinoa, chia seeds, hemp seeds, beans and rice, potatoes and green leafy vegetables are all rich in protein. All you have to do is trying focussing on consuming a balanced and nutritious diet to get the maximum amount of nutrients.


  • Myth- Green tea helps in burning fat


Fact: Many people think that the consumption of green tea can do wonder to their weight. However, green tea does not melt fat, it only boosts your metabolism and can also benefit your health in several ways.


Do not rely on health myths as it can disturb your health like no other. Never cut out the nutrients from your diet without asking any health expert as it can easily break your health. We will definitely debunk more health myths. Stay tuned!

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