Celebrate the Spirit of Lohri in a Healthy Way

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Celebrate the Spirit of Lohri in a Healthy Way

The key ingredient to any festival is food. Festivals are also the time of major weight gain. The harvest festival Lohri, marks the winter solstice, with the shortest day and longest night. This festival marks the welcome of spring. Lohri is a festival that has everything from bonfires, to dhols, bhangra, giddha, and lots of snacks. Rabi crops are harvest during this period. These harvest festivals show us how truly India is a diversified country. The festival is also celebrated as Pongal, Makar Sankranti, Bihu, and Uttarayan in different parts of the country.

Some of the most famous and healthy snacking options are-

1- Popcorn

As a tradition in Lohri, Corn is offered to the fire, while praying for prosperity to the God of fire, Lord Agni. It holds significant value and acts as a great healthy snack.
Popcorn is a rich source of fiber, and has extremely low calories. They have a high number of antioxidants called polyphenols. Popcorn is also known as good protection against health conditions like cancer, heart ailments, or diabetes.

2- Sweets made out of Sesame seeds

Also known as til, it is used to make laddus, Gajak, and Papdis. The good thing about these sweets is that they have a long shelf life and can be enjoyed for a long time. They can be made of dry fruits or molded as per one’s wishes. Sesame seeds have calcium, which is good for the bones.

Sesame seeds are good for improving digestion, cleansing of blood, and even soothing menstrual cramps. They promote good immunity and are also known to slow down the process of aging.

3- Peanuts

Peanuts are a rich source of manganese, folate, and amino acids. They are great for regulating blood sugar, keeping your metabolism in check. Peanuts are also a rich source of calcium, which is good for the joints. To make the most of it, instead of consuming salted peanuts, use roasted or boiled peanuts. Peanuts are good for memory, as they contain Vitamin B3 and niacin.

Chikki is also made of peanuts and jaggery and is one of the most enjoyed snacks. If you’re not a huge fan of jaggery you can always switch it with honey which is also a good healthy replacement.
The reason why most of the snacks that are related to the festival-like peanuts, popcorn, jaggery, and gajak are all munchies and chewy since it has a deep meaning, it is supposed to drive away from the lethargy and slowness of the winters and to make way for springs.

You can enjoy this festival with family gatherings, dancing, and music full of traditions. You should enjoy the beginning of a new season with good healthy food and avoiding unhealthy snacks and treats.

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