5 Healthy Yet Luscious Snacks that You Must Try this Lohri

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5 Healthy Yet Luscious Snacks that You Must Try this Lohri

The happiness of saying goodbye to the chilly weather of the winters and welcoming a new season is the main basic idea behind the northern festival of Lohri. It is a celebration of the harvest festival, and also the sowing close of the winter crops.

Mostly celebrated in January, it falls in the month of Pausha, and is celebrated on the thirteenth of the month according to the Gregorian calendar. Like with every other Indian festival, food is important for Lohri too, especially since it marks an important agricultural milestone. Some of the most important food items of the day are gajak, jaggery, chikki, popcorn, rewari, peanuts, and sesame seeds.

On this auspicious day, people gather around a bonfire, sing songs, and dance to their heart’s desire, while enjoying some snacks made especially for the day. One of the most significant parts of the day is when corn and other “Lohri” items are tossed into the bonfire as a sign of homage to the God of fire, Agni.

Here are some healthy and luscious snacks that you need to try around Lohri –

1- Chikki

Chikki is like a solidified bar made of jaggery and peanuts, which is a hit during the winters and especially for tourists. It doesn’t need long hours of preparation or a complicated recipe or a huge number of ingredients therefore it can be a good suggestion.

2- Barfi

Since it’s an Indian festival the need for sweets is heightened. Therefore, barfis can be made easily with items like sesame seeds, khoya, and sugar. This barfi is mostly water-thin and is easy to make with no health side effects.

3- Pinni

Pinni is known to work great as an energy-boosting agent, during winters the consumption of Pinni is on all-time high, it is mostly made with Ghee and wheat flour which gets roasted in the ghee and then are combined and tossed with dry fruits. Trying this recipe with sesame seeds makes it even healthier.

4- Laddoo

Laddoo is an all-season sweet which is loved by almost everyone. To keep yourselves warm in the really cold winters making laddoos with roasted sesame seeds, jaggery, and the addition of saffron as per taste or requirement is something that doesn’t only satisfy your mouth but also the temperature drop one may face.

5- Cake made with Til and Gur

This is good for the kids in the house who don’t easily have traditional food, you can satisfy their hunger and also the healthfulness in the dish. This can serve as a good dessert after dinner and you can go vegetarian by not adding eggs to it.

Lohri is a time to spend with friends and family but one should always remember to have safer and healthier alternates to their food for better health.

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