Commonly Prescribed Supplements

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Commonly Prescribed Supplements

Supplements, when taken with a healthy meal, add value to it. Adding dietary supplements is not bad, but often people are ignorant about the purposes that a particular supplement serves. Once you know this, you can decide to add a few common dietary supplements as per the need. Worry not. This whole blog will help you out through this dilemma suggesting you the best. Read on to find the answers you seek for.

Before we move ahead to consider the following suggestion to prevent yourself from ending up in the worst situations. Firstly, never consume more than one or two dietary supplements, and secondly, never go for the unknown supplements or unknown brands. Instead, add common supplements listed below only when required. Now let’s jump to the central segment of the blog.

  •  Iron: Iron is amongst the integral minerals for your overall health, as it is a much more important component of your body’s proteins and enzymes. Lack of iron in your blood can cause poor body performance, fatigue, and weaken immunity as iron helps with the transportation of oxygen in the blood cells. Lot of times women are told to be a borderline anemic and suggested to add iron and multivitamin supplements in their daily regime. However, unless your doctor recommends it, there’s no need to take an iron supplement as even too much it isn’t good for the body.
  • Calcium: Due to an increased rate of osteoporosis and bone degeneration especially in women after the age of thirty and menopause is all because of the insufficient amount of calcium, and that’s the reason why consumption of calcium supplementation among women have increased. If your diet contains a fair proportion of meat, dairy, and green leafy vegetables, you’re getting plenty of calcium and taking supplements can help you fill the gap. But the problem is that calcium isn’t the only nutrient for bone health, Vitamin D is another important nutrient required to absorb calcium by the body which has been discussed next.
  • Vitamin D: The natural “sunshine” vitamin D helping to build and maintaining in stronger bones by the absorption of calcium and phosphorus while promoting immune system functioning. Moreover, the role of Vitamin D is crucial in colon and breast health as well. But unfortunately, due to the changed lifestyle and increased usage of SPF, millions don’t get enough of natural vitamin D. Shockingly some studies say; around sixty percent of you might be missing out this important vitamin in the diet. So, to fill the lack of vitamin D you can add a vitamin D supplement to your diet after consulting your doctor for its dosage and time to be taken.
  • Folic Acid: Folic acid, a significant nutrient for women during the childbearing time as it is a vital nutrient that starts depleting. Folic acid prevents neural defects in fetuses which is also beneficial during the early phase of its development. However, at times women don’t realize they’re pregnant until two, three or four weeks, which is why it becomes necessary for women to add supplement before conception. Naturally, folic acid is traced in citrus fruits, leafy greens, whole grain, and beans. In case, folic acid levels are still insufficient; supplements will help you to get over its deficiency.
  • Omega-3: Omega-3 fatty acids also, called long-chain-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid which is mostly found in fish sources. Omega-3 fatty acids servers your body vastly in terms of health benefits and therefore becomes a crucial nutrient to be added to your plate. Majority of women are deficient of omega-3 fatty acids and are more likely to have symptoms such dry skin, poor sleep and have potentially increased the risk for heart disease and hence, omega-3 supplements are also recommended to many. However, hundreds of omega-3 supplements are available in the market, and not all of them have the same health benefits so, consult your doctor first before choosing any random supplement available out there.

Over to you

The common dietary supplement is fine to be added to your diet as they help your body fill the insufficient nutrients gap. So, if you’re considering to add any of these vitamin and mineral supplements to your daily health regimen, make sure that you consult your doctor first if your body actually needs it.


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