The Harvest Festival of Makar Sankranti

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The Harvest Festival of Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is considered as one of the most important Hindu festivals of India. This festival not only brings much zeal and enthusiasm for the fresh beginnings but is also celebrated with a lot of vivaciousness throughout the country. Makar Sankranti is the festival that is majorly to mark the seasonal change and symbolize the winter solstice (noticing the shift in the face of the sun that indicate the beginnings of lengthening and longer days).

This day is known as the chief harvest festival and is purely devoted to the sun god Surya. Devotees, on this day, take a holy dip to wash away their sins in various rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Krishna and Cauvery. Many spiritual practices steered on this day and people see this time as the perfect beginning for the life filled with peace and prosperity.

Makar Sankranti special delights

On this auspicious time of the year, sesame-jaggery laddoos and chikkis are cooked by the disciples and distributed to each other. They consider this distribution of sweet as the significance of staying together in peace and harmony despite various differences.

Some luscious and traditional food items for your Makar Sankranti menu

Right from ghee-laden foods like chikki and gajak to healthy and appetizing savories like Khichdi and puran poli, the eclectic collection of Makar Sankranti delicacies will blow your heart away. Here are some of the great ideas that you can include in your list.

Til Ladoo: Til ladoo is known as a splendid Sankranti staple. These tiny laddoos are extremely delicious and healthy and are cooked with a mixture of warming sesame seeds and jaggery. Every bite of it will feel like a treat to the buds.

Puran Poli: This is one of the tasty delicacies that make your festival even more flavoursome. It is made up of a sweet flatbread that is stuffed with sweet and crumbly Moong Daal. Its filling is equally healthy and tasty and makes your festive vibes scrumptious and appetising.

Makara Chaula: This dish is a wonderful blend of newly reaped rice, jaggery, milk, chhena, banana, and sugarcane. It is one of the famous and traditional dishes of Makar Sankranti that adds up to your festive vibes.

Pinni: It is a mixture of tons of ghee, wheat flour, jaggery, and almonds. Pinni is known as the great winter indulgent that can be easily prepared with the goodness of nutrients. The ingredients in it are so rich that it can prevent the winter ailments with the perfect crunch of delicious nuts.


Do include the above-written items in your list and do let us know if we miss out on any of your beloved Sankranti delicacies! Comment down below!

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