Winter Woe: Best Five Remedies for Sore Throat

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Winter Woe: Best Five Remedies for Sore Throat

Sore throat is a very commonly occurring discomfort period prevalent during the cold months of a year. It is generally characterized by a painful period where your throat is tensed, dry, and always irritated with a scratchy and burning feeling. Discomfort during swallowing, talking with a hoarse voice, and in severe cases difficulty in breathing are commonly observed symptoms of sore throat. Mostly caused due to environmental factors such as dry and cold air followed by infections.

Easy to perform remedies to ease the pain and discomfort are:

1- Gargle with saltwater –

Water and salt are easily available in any household and are without any negative effects. While it may not appeal to everyone its usage during sore throat makes it the best remedy for immediate relief.

To make a gargling salt water solution, in a glass of lukewarm water add half to a full teaspoon of salt and mix it well.

Gargling can be done for twenty seconds and then rinsed off. Swallowing the salt water may not be beneficial but does not cause any problem either.

2- Resting your throat –

Sore throats generally last for a few days, so resting your throat by reducing how much you speak may be the best option unless your work requires you to use your throat the most.
Adequate rest aids in better recovery and easing of the pain.

3- Beneficial Drinking Supplements –

Warm tea made of sage (tulsi), a slice of ginger, and a teaspoon of honey is a common herbal tea that greatly reduces the discomfort and pain during the sore throat and helps with recovery of the throat and body. Can be drunk or used to gargle. Chamomile tea is another great drink with anti- inflammatory and astringent properties which is beneficial for the body and throat. Warm vegetable soups must be preferred during meals over the ones that require more jaw and throat movements.

4- Medication –

Generally available tablets such as paracetamol and ibuprofen help ease the discomfort and play an important role in aiding the body’s immune system resist infections. Medicated lozenges and candies also provide immediate relief and help in difficulty brought by swallowing.

5- Clothing –

Warm clothes and extra clothing such as scarves, gloves, and ear coverings are necessary to keep the body in a comfortable and well-rested condition. Masks to cover your mouth when outside your house and in contact with other people are necessary.

6- Steam inhalation –

The method with immediate recovery effect eases your throat and helps in decongestion of nose and throat. Prepare boiled water in a bucket or let the sink be filled with hot water and then lean over and inhale thesteam. Breathing the steam deeply through the mouth several times a day is very effective in keeping the discomfort to a minimum.

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