Your Relationship With Your Vagina

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Your Relationship With Your Vagina

Indeed, we all have a “firmly hidden” part of our lives which we avoid displaying or discussing in public. Well, completely understood! After all, not every bit of our lives or for that matter of ourselves is meant to be talked about publically! However, there’s one important part of the women’s body that needs to break the silence and taboo wrapped around it. Yes, out loud mentioned in the topic, Vagina is that one part of the women’s body that should be in discussions more open like we all talk about our frou frous.

Ironically, it’s hard to understand from where to begin and what accurate words to choose to make it an appropriate and mass readable blog! Well, breaking the silence, misconceptions, taboo and discomfort about Vagina, let’s get started. At last, at some point of our lives we need to normalise what goes down there!

Breaking the Silence
There’s a lot we all have heard about vagina while growing up. “Vagina shouldn’t smell”. “Hey, watch out, don’t scratch!” “It gets stretched out” and what not! Such inaccurate and falsely driven statements not only lead to stress but also shame. And once, we get over these statements, the next in line are the following concerns- Hate pubes? Get heavy discharge? Think your vagina looks gross? Every woman has vaginal insecurities and we all have the same worries. But is there something we can do from our end? And that is, “TAKE THE OWNERSHIP!”
Taking ownership of your vagina is the best you can do to yourself. Building a relationship with your reproductive organ is one of the empowering things you can and must do. And that’s why we are here today to offer you some helpful insights and information to nourish your vaginal health.

The Terminology
Before moving further, there are certain terminologies entitled to be cleared! While the term “Vagina” is the most popular bodily word, it technically refers to the inside canal to cervix of the uterus. On the other hand, speaking of the accurate term describing the outermost part of vagina including the inner and outer lips and clitoris is called “Vulva”. These terms can be interchangeably used depending on the context to make a more appropriate discussion in general or with your gynaecologist.

An Insight

  • Vaginas are resilient and because of ample blood flow down there it heals naturally from tears caused during sex and child delivery. And you will be surprised to know that it heals quicker than any other part of the body.
  • Vagina consists of some highly specialized bacterial army that fights off the foreign bacterial force in order to keep your vaginal pH level balanced and healthy.
  • Vaginas are capable enough to automatically produce lubrication even when it’s not touched (regardless of arousal).
  • Vagina is likely to get wider and remains a little wider after the delivery.
  • You will be surprised to know the fact that “hard-to-find” clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings.

Foods, Exercises & Hygiene Goes Hand in Hand for A Better Vaginal Health
The way your body require a healthy diet, regular exercise and need proper hygiene to function properly, the same way your hidden reproductive organ (vagina) need all of it to stay in a healthy state. Here are some food items, exercises and hygiene tips to build a healthy relationship with your vagina!


  • Cranberries to Fight Off UTI: Fresh juicy cranberries in fruit form are laden with significant amount of antioxidants and acidic compounds- extremely powerful nutrients to fight off foreign bacteria heading to bladder wall. In short, cranberries have infection fighter compound called antioxidants that cast out the bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract.
  • Probiotics for Good Bacteria: Probiotic foods (fermented foods) such as curd/plain and unsweetened yogurt are listed as beneficial food for more than just aiding your gut. Probiotics are known to help in balancing the pH level naturally by boosting good bacteria. The active bacteria present in probiotics help boost good bacteria down there, particularly helpful in preventing infections.
  • Leafy Greens to Prevent Vaginal Dryness: Adding leafy greens in diet aids in boosting vaginal health. Dark leafy greens purify blood and enhance the blood circulation due to nutrients present in it that help prevent the vaginal dryness while increasing stimulation. Also, leafy greens are enriched with vitamin E, magnesium, and calcium- nutrients beneficial for muscle health (vaginal muscles).

Exercises building your core muscles are planks, sit ups, squats, and lunges. To support for vaginal muscle, incorporate the said exercises in your plan. For more effective results, exercise your pelvic floor, to get your vagina and pelvic floor back in health with Kegel Exercises.

To start practising Kegel exercises, start to pee and then stop, hold the urine for 10 seconds. This way the muscles will in exercising mode. And once you learn the proper way to perform this exercise, you can start doing the Kegels with an ease.

The Goal: is to do 50 Kegel contractions (holding for 10 seconds each) throughout the day.

Hygiene Tips
Well, education is prime when it comes to feminine hygiene. Also, it is important to know that the vaginal fluid or discharge is a part of a healthy vaginal environment. The vagina smells particular, which vary from person to person, influenced by your clothing’s material, your diet and how much you’re hydrated.

Our vagina knows how to take care of itself. It naturally produces some discharge self-cleans and self-cleans that helps get rid of germs and bacteria from your body. Also, keeping up a healthy diet can do your body and your vagina good. Foods such as yogurt with live cultures contain good-for-you bacteria that help promote vaginal health.

Over to You
Your vaginal health is as important as your overall health. Vagina being the most crucial part of the women’s body, it is necessary to address vaginal issues since it can drastically affect the fertility, ability to reach orgasm and desire for sex. So, instead of shaming and stressing over the vaginal health try and build the relationship with your vagina. Happy Ownership!

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