Know Which One is the Healthiest: Poha v/s Upma

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Know Which One is the Healthiest: Poha v/s Upma

Healthy and clean eating goes a long way with you. The food you put on your plate not only helps in keeping you fit and fine but also keeps you away from various health complications and hence it is extremely important to choose your food rightly. 

Here we shed light on the nutritional grading of the Poha and Upma which is considered as the healthiest munching choices in terms of health and nutrition. Read on to know which one is the healthiest and what you should always pick. 


  • Upma


Upma can easily be prepared in less oil and it contains plenty of vital nutrients like protein, carbs and fibre which makes it slow to digest and hence it keeps you feel fuller for a longer period. Always use the semolina that is made of durum wheat. Upma is also packed with B vitamins like thiamine and folate which aid in fuelling up your energy levels. Moreover, durum wheat semolina offers a wide variety of iron and magnesium which assist in the production of red blood cells, keep your heart healthy and lower down the high blood sugar levels. 


  • Poha


Poha is prepared by parboiling rice and undergoes through sun drying and then beat into flakes. Poha can be prepared in various ways and is a light, low calorie and easy to digest food option. Poha can be considered as a prebiotic food as it goes through the fermentation before finally packed.  Poha is rich in nutrients like iron, carbs, and is free of gluten which makes it a humble option to consume in the morning. People with digestive issues can easily add it in their diet as poha is extremely light on the gut. By adding some fresh vegetables and lemon juice, you can enhance its nutritional profile and flavour. 

Upma is prepared from sooji while poha is made of flattened rice. Both of them are extremely healthy and delicious, especially when consumed in breakfast. Adding a lot of vegetables or sprinkle some nuts over them is one of the versatile ways to increase the nutritional profile of these dishes.


Relish the goodness of these utterly delicious and nutritious dishes by giving them new and unique twists. 

Stay tuned for more health battles!  

Until then, Eat Healthily!


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