Pregnancy Hygiene Tips- All You Need to Know

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Pregnancy Hygiene Tips- All You Need to Know

You are experiencing one of the most blissful times of your life. Being pregnant comes with so many responsibilities and good hygiene is one of them. Having a nutritional diet and doing exercises to keep the baby healthy and active is surely important during pregnancy but what’s more important is maintaining good personal hygiene.

Washing hands frequently and staying away from dirty areas is definitely equivalent to being hygienic but that’s not enough. The importance of it is abundant and there are numerous aspects related to your body that you should focus on during pregnancy.

Why is hygiene important in pregnancy?
Every step that you take decides the well-being of your child. Poor hygiene can put you at risk of being exposed to numerous microbes and bacteria, all of which can infect your immune system because your body is not as strong as it used to be before. Certain infections can affect the baby as well, causing long-term defects at their most vulnerable growth stage.

Apart from bacteria, if by any chance any toxic substances or chemicals find their way inside you, the consequences could be devastating but you can avoid this from happening by following some simple basic hygiene tips.

  • Hair & Skin Hygiene:
  • During pregnancy, many nutrients are taken from your body for the growth of your child due to which your skin gets affected. Skin reacts quickly to any extremities so we advise you not to extend your hours in water or bathtub. A shower can be a better choice. Choose soaps and shampoos which contain natural oils and substances as they are more safe and gentle on your skin. Furthermore, the hair glands can secrete the oil from within resulting oily hair which can be a recurring circumstance for most pregnant women. Hence, shampooing your hair on a daily basis can maintain hair texture and help you get rid of excess oil. However, bathing is the safest and easiest way to maintain hygiene.

  • Clothing
  • While purchasing new clothes or organizing your wardrobe, keep in mind that you choose clothes that can be washed with detergents having antibacterial properties. Always go for cotton clothes as cotton absorbs the sweat, choose some loose clothes-the ones that can be easily worn. Before purchasing any maternity bra, have a look on the pads that can absorb milk leaks from your nipples.

  • Personal Hygiene
  • Taking care of your intimate region is very important, especially during your pre and post-pregnancy. Bath daily and pay more attention to your pubic area. Keep it clean and free from infections. Do not opt for soaps that affect your natural pH balance. Always wash your hands before and after eating and keep a sanitizer handy.

  • Oral Hygiene
  • Pregnancy and oral hygiene go hand-in-hand because what you eat is what the baby eats. Taking care of your gums and teeth is always vital and it gets more necessary when you are pregnant as your body goes under many physical changes. Do remember to brush your teeth twice a day no matter what. Keeping the buildup of plaque in check is necessary, and flossing can also help you with that.

  • Breast Care
  • Breast hygiene during pregnancy is necessary. Many women observe colostrum leaks towards the end of the first trimester. This needs to be cleaned on a daily basis, for damp breasts can easily get unhygienic and itchy. Use lotions to treat the nipple cracks and always remember to change your bra pads once they get wet.

Over to you:
Hygiene is one of the most important factors, though it is at any stage of your life. Its importance increases when you become pregnant, and it works to your good in focusing on the specifics of it. Pretty soon, you will be holding your child in your own hands so it is best for you to stay clean and healthy to keep the baby in the same way.

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