Monsoon Cleansing: Assessing the benefits and risks of Detox Diet –

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Monsoon Cleansing: Assessing the benefits and risks of Detox Diet –

Detoxification refers to the removal of toxins. A detox diet refers to a diet that helps in the internal cleansing of the body. Detox diets are believed to help in the removal of toxic and harmful substances from the body. Toxins enter our bodies through the unhealthy food that we eat. These build-up of toxins creates various health issues like lowered immunity, constipation, weight gain, gut issues, dull skin, and fatigue. During monsoons usually, immunity is lowered due to the increase in the spread of viruses and bacteria. Detoxification during monsoon helps improve immunity by removing the harmful toxins from the body.

Detoxification is about eating clean foods which include fresh fruits and vegetables and avoiding all foods high in saturated fats, processed foods, refined carbohydrates, and sugar-containing foods. Many forms of detox diets involve giving up certain unhealthy foods for a while and then gradually getting back normal and healthy diet. The detox diet is gaining popularity. However, it is observed that such diets involve benefits along with risks.

Benefits of Detox Diet –
A detox diet is believed to be helpful not only in removing toxins, but also helps in losing weight, boosts of energy levels, and rejuvenating the body. Detox diet’s main aim is to remove all the unhealthy products from a diet that build up toxins in the body and include more fruits, vegetables, and plenty of water which helps in cleaning the body and removing waste through urination, and fecal matter, and sweat. Detoxification’s advantages include improved digestion, glowing skin, and stronger immunity. These diets are seen as effective if performed for shorter intervals and once or twice a year. However, if performed for a longer interval and frequently can lead to health issues as well as a nutritional deficiency.

Risks of Detox Diet –
Medical science doesn’t much believe in a detox diet because as per the medical sciences function of the kidney, liver and skin include removing toxins from the body. Due to these reasons, medical professionals have not performed much scientific research on detox diets. There are associated risks with a detox diet which include tiredness, uneasiness, fatigue, joint pain, and body aches as well. Due to calorie deficit, diet nutrient deficiency occurs. Weight loss due to a detox diet is temporary if the unhealthy obsession with food develops.
A detox diet cannot be performed by all as it can have severe side effects on people with diabetes, low blood sugar, pregnant women, older adults, and anyone with severe medical conditions. They should perform under the supervision of medical professionals.

Over To You –
The detox diet has benefits at the same time and risks as well. Hence one should perform under the supervision of experts and medical professionals.

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