Actress Priyanka Chopra and WHO are All Set to Bust COVID-19 Myths

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Actress Priyanka Chopra and WHO are All Set to Bust COVID-19 Myths

The increasing spread of the pandemic COVID-19 has made its presence in the Bollywood industry. Actors are openly addressing the coronavirus and making an appeal to all their viewers to be extra safe and cautious during this difficult time. Priyanka Chopra took this initiative of making her audience aware one step ahead by going live on Instagram with World Health Organization experts, Dr. Tedros and Maria Van Kerkhove.

 In her 45-minute live session, she asked several questions that were of serious concern which was viewed by more than 45,000 fans. Priyanka acknowledged the seriousness of this pandemic and organized a live session as her way of contributing and making people acquainted with coronavirus along with the help of WHO experts.

Here are some myths she bust and the key points for you from her conversation with Dr. Tedros and Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove:

Myth: Coronavirus is airborne

Fact: The virus is not airborne. It spreads from droplets that are released into the air when you talk, cough or sneeze. If these droplets reach someone’s eyes, nose or mouth then the person will be infected. If these particles land on a surface, and then you touch that surface and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth that is when you get in the contact with the virus. Therefore, it is necessary to sanitize your hands and wash them regularly with soap. Moreover, this virus doesn’t infect animals.

Myth: You cannot get the virus, if you have recovered from it 

Fact: Dr. Maria said that we still don’t have a full picture of it. It is new and we are still trying to gain perspective of the virus. She also said that people are recovering from the virus and they believe that the body develops some kind of an immune response. But there is still no evidence to show how strong it is or how long can it last.

Myth: The coronavirus is not vulnerable to heat

Fact: This virus can spread in different temperatures. We have seen it spread in colder regions in Northern China and in warmer regions such as Africa and Singapore. So, it is not correct to say that it cannot spread when the temperature is hot. It definitely can!

Myth: People suffering from COVID-19 will definitely have a fever

Fact: No, it is not important but the possibilities are very rare. Most people have a dry cough, fever, shortness of breath and other symptoms such as muscle pain and headaches. 90% of people in China reported fever. Very few people have a runny nose and sneezing.

Apart from this, Priyanka Chopra asked various questions to WHO, so that people won’t suffer from misinformation. Some questions and answers written below:

Question: Is there any vaccine? How is WHO working with others such as Gavi and Vaccine Alliance to ensure that everyone has access to it?

Answer: To this, Dr. Tedros replied that we have around 400 scientists working on the vaccine. But the vaccine will not be available for another 12-18 months. It is an important investment and the only precaution that can be taken as of now is to control the spread of this disease.

Question: What is co-infection?

Answer: Dr. Maria said that co-infection is when you are suffering from multiple things at the same time. For example, you could have influenza and COVID-19 together or you could have a bacterial infection and COVID-19 at the same time.

Question: What surface can the virus live on?

Answer: The virus can survive on the surface for hours. Therefore, it is very important to wash your hands regularly for 20 sec. You can even use an alcohol-based sanitizer.


Question: What can the government or countries do so that we don’t create a pandemonium or fear around the fact that people in low-income countries do not have access to water and soap and education? How can we support them?

Answer: We have come across videos in which people are finding innovative ways to get access to handwashing stations. They have jugs and basins to clean their hands. People are getting creative and everyone is trying to find a solution to bring an end to this pandemic.


Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove went on to ask Priyanka that with such a huge fan base watching her and the role model that she is, what can she and her industry can do to help and support this pandemic? To this Priyanka replied that she is trying to make people understand that they are all in the same boat. She called this a weird leveler where it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, this virus can affect everyone. One needs to be responsible and take care so avoid it. She also emphasized the importance of staying at home and avoid any kind of panic.


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