New Year’s Eve: Pro tips for a guilt free party

By      31-Dec 2021       Reading Time: 4 Mins

New Year’s Eve: Pro tips for a guilt free party

In a few days the whole world will be welcoming New Year 2022. We all are looking forward to letting go of what occurred during the year and embrace the new years with full enthusiasm. It’s party season everywhere, at home & outdoors. Every revelry cannot be reasoned for a cheat day. There is no point regretting the next day after an entire day of your weight loss has been disrupted with tempting buffets. If you want to party hard but enjoy it guilt free, here are some tips:

1- Pre plan like a pro –
Schedule your diet well in advance. Decide on what you will eat and avoid. Make up your mind so that you don’t get tempted to break the diet rules.

2- Mindful drinking – A New Year’s party is incomplete without alcohol. Enjoy it but limit the number of drinks. Alcohol too has calories. Avoid having artificial sweeteners. Instead go for wine which has less fructose. Do not get carried away and learn to say ‘NO’.

3- Don’t focus on food – Condition your mind that you are going to enjoy the party and not just to eat & drink. Enjoy the food as per your diet. Eat less and freak out more.

4- Think before you eat – Don’t eat whatever is served. Decide which foods you want to eat. Have food in small portions and avoid fried items. The best is to avoid visiting the starters & main course counters. Stick to healthier options like salads, soups & grilled food to sustain hunger.

5- Dance the night out – Even though you have left feet, don’t be hesitant to dance and burn your calories.

6- Eat on the go – Tuck in some healthy snacks before the party. A whole wheat vegetable sandwich, oats porridge, sprouts or buttermilk will help you curb hunger.

7- Sips of water – Water will keep your body hydrated and prevent you from getting hangovers. It even reduces hunger pangs. So when you feel like eating something, just have a glass of H2O.

8- Meet and greet friends – The best way to divert your mind from food is to be among people. Try having your food slowly so that you don’t have to refill your plate during long conversations. Similarly, take small sips of your drink and hold on to one for long.

Be proactive and never let food & drinks play with your mind, as the next day you don’t want to keep on thinking how much you gained from the previous night party!

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