Celebs Unite to Spread Hope, Positivity Amid Lock down

By      13-May 2020       Reading Time: 4 Mins

Celebs Unite to Spread Hope, Positivity Amid Lock down

While lockdown lasting for more than almost a month, some of you might be feeling lazy and sad because of monotonous life and routine that you might be having right now but you gotta keep yourself pumped up.

To help you boost up a little, and to spread hope and positivity amid the lockdown, actors, Esha Deol, Vivek Anand Oberoi, Isha Koppikar, Ravi Kishan, and many others came together for a new song that inspires us all – ‘Zindagi Ko Jeelay Zara’. The video turned out to be so motivational that after watching this music video, the famous filmmaker Karan Johar took to social media, and wrote saying that it brought a wide smile on his face. Beautifully self-shot from their home, the actors, and many other people from different walks of life across different countries and time zones were successful in uplifting the spirits of people. The video snippets were also from New York, Dubai England, New Zealand, and, people can be seen having a ball time with their family, dancing, cooking, and much more.

Being inside the home for more than a month and a half is tough and while some are utilizing this time and bringing up their talent out of compulsion or maybe boredom, many others tend to feel low and depressing at times. Director Soham Shah explained the reason behind why he thought to capture all the best memories of the lockdown and of doing something which would make people feel happy and positive.

It took just one simple thought for Shah to bring all the actors together for this great cause. He mentioned that he shares a great bond with actors Ravi, Vivek, Esha, and Isha and so he asked them if they can share a one minute clip showcasing what they are doing amid the lockdown. His thoughtful idea of showing something candid and fun like dancing or cooking or as simple as reading a book or spending time with their family actually worked. And almost within three days, everybody shared the clips. For him, it was such a humble experience.

He revealed that composers Amjad, Nadeem, and Aamir worked on the lyrics, Shah’s friends Shreya Thakkar and Bhishma Thakkar, sang this song from the US. This made Shah understand the importance of the time of this pandemic. He admitted that it’s important to stay positive and enjoy this phase by doing something or the other and staying connected with everyone online. We all are together in this and we have to fight this together and get back to our normal life.

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Again, it is essential for us to stay focussed on building our health and immunity and in turn stay cheerful as this a golden period which we should utilize judiciously. Keep yourself motivated and follow the guidelines given by the government by practicing social distancing.

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