A To Z of Health – “D” is to Detox from Social Media Once in a While

By      18-Jan 2020       Reading Time: 4 Mins

A To Z of Health – “D” is to Detox from Social Media Once in a While

The word detox has gained much momentum in recent years. Almost all of you indulge in the body detox at some point of time in your life. But did you ever hear about detoxing from the social media? Scrolling through social media can put your mental health at risk by making you more sad and depressed. Digital detox is a great way to cut out toxicity and indulge in a happier you.

More about digital detox and its urge

Social media detox can be described as a period of time in which a person has to unplug himself from all of the electronic devices or social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and many others. In the recent past, social media detox is known as a significant process to lessen down the levels of stress and reconnect with real life instead of focus much on the reel life.

The digital age gives disadvantages similar to cocaine or heroine. Obviously, you will not die from it but with each passing day the quality of your life come to be diminished and you will ultimately burst up your cognitive health. Social media is one such type of addiction that is spoiling your overall life in thousands of ways and you can’t even realize it on the surface.

Advantages of social media detox

  • Break the comparison from social media (regular scrolling and too much time invested on social media can make you compare your life from those on social media which eventually hamper your self-esteem. Social media detox gives you time to see the reality of life with no comparison).
  • The feeling of competition eventually leaves you (eliminate the platform of like, comment and share while parting off the competition from your life).
  • Reconnection with the real world (build and maintain your relationship with the real people)
  • Boost your mood (eliminate your anxious feelings while making you happy and healthy within).
  • Make free time for you

It’s high time to think!

Just eliminate yourself from everything and take a moment to ask yourself when was the last time you entirely dedicated a full day to nature and beauty without even checking your social media? When was the last time you enjoy for yourself and not to showcase it on social sites? If social media feel like your family member then it’s high time to take a detox from its use.

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