6 Foods to Boost Libido Naturally

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6 Foods to Boost Libido Naturally

The literal meaning of the term libido is sexual desire that can easily be affected by various factors like biological, psychological and social. From age to stress to medications to the type of your lifestyle- your sexual desire or libido can get influenced by these elements. As per the experts, the foods that you are putting on your plate can massively impact your libido and changing these foods you are consuming can make a huge difference. If you have been through a roller-coaster ride on the sheets, then it might be the right time to boost your libido.

Here are 6 foods that help in boosting your libido naturally.

  • Nuts: These tiny looking energy boosters can boost your libido and sexual stamina. Nuts like walnuts, peanuts, pistachios contain various essential vitamins and minerals and amino acid generally known as L-arginine that can help the men in maintaining erections. Consumption of these nuts also helps in healthy hormone production.
  • Fatty Fishes: Fatty fishes are rich in various essential nutrients like vitamin B, omega 3 fatty acids and many others that can assist in increasing libido. Fatty fishes provide great quantities of Vitamin B3 which keeps a tab on anaerobic metabolism which is known to provide sexual energy and elevate the flow of blood to the genitalia. Also, fatty fishes help in producing dopamine in the body that helps in busting stress and making you more relaxed and attached to your partner.
  • Oats: Oats help in enhancing the levels of testosterone in your body and further boost libido. As per research at the San Francisco Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality “including oats in your diet can improve libido in just 8 weeks.” Add this natural libido booster in your diet to feel the difference.
  • Dark Chocolate: Chocolates are well known to enhance the dopamine and serotonin levels in the body which further makes you more relaxed, stress-free and in the mood. Consumption of dark chocolates can easily relax your vessels and arteries by sending the blood to the right areas and thus help in boosting libido. Eating a few pieces of chocolate is the correct way to boost your mood while bidding adieu to your high-stress levels.
  • Garlic: Garlic can do wonders on your libido, sex drive and stamina. Garlic contains great quantities of allicin and also helps in enhancing the flow of blood in the body that can treat erectile dysfunction. Consumption of garlic also formulate new fatty deposits, called nanoplaques, inside the walls of the arteries including the arteries of your reproductive parts and can bolster your erections. Just add it in your dishes or add raw garlic in your diet to see the difference.
  • Broccoli: Broccoli aids in eradicating extra oestrogen and enhances testosterone. Consumption of broccoli provides proper nutrition to your body and enhances the blood flow to your arteries which further helps in treating erectile dysfunction.

Incorporate these above-written food items in your diet to give a boost to your libido naturally. Also, change your lifestyle a bit for effective results. Try to quit smoking, say no to consumption of alcohol, indulge yourself in 30-45 minutes of physical activities and try to manage your stress levels for significant results.

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