Mind Over Matter- Understand the Power of Procrastination With Benaisha Kharas Dongre

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Mind Over Matter- Understand the Power of Procrastination With Benaisha Kharas Dongre

As a part of our Nmami Life wellness series, we assure you to bring the best of health & wellness experts to help you gain the maximum wellness. Our sole motto is to bridge the gap of awareness when it comes to your health & wellbeing.

Guest of the week: Benaisha Kharas Dongre
“You make an impression when you have created a brand of yourself and the best way to create this brand is with your image.”

Benaisha Kharas is an Image Enhancer, Inspirational Speaker, and Fashion Style Expert.

She is passionate about helping her clients project an influential, charismatic, and stylish image in their personal and professional lives. She is the absolute expert in the art and science of personal style and image management. In fact, she is the“go-to Image Builder” for women, young adults, corporates, and fashion houses. At IMPA (Image Management Professionals Association), Benaisha is the only youngest Senior Image consultant to facilitate expert classes across India. Fashion Magnet Anita Dongre highly endorses Benaisha’s expertise and has got her entire sales staff sell fashion and luxury, ‘The Benaisha Way’.

She is India’s youngest internationally certified Image Consultant since 2012, Benaisha has inspired and trained more than 2000 people to be Style, Image, and Fashion Conscious.

She has provided personal consulting to more than 250 HNI clients to present themselves with more poise and polish. Being dyslexic, yet incredibly popular in the media; Benaisha does not let her obstacles come in the way of her dreams. At the tender age of 10 when her teachers told her to go to a special school, she chose to become her own hero and fight for her dreams. She graduated with double majors in sociology and entrepreneurship. After receiving a standing ovation for her TedxTalk, she again inspired thousands at ‘Kaggaz’, a forum for the youth and shared her vision of India’s Young Image. Education Times invited Benaisha to speak and motivate their audience on image and career. Gulf Times has appreciated her work done with Qatar Airways and Indian Women’s Association of Doha. Benaisha also made her presence felt on India’s first image management TV show ‘Image Banani Hein’ on Zoom TV.

Benaisha helps her clients on colour, style, wardrobe editing, personal shopping and dressing for those tricky events like weddings, interviews and dating. She also advises fashion houses on creating delightful customer experiences, artistically sell fashion and luxury, and effortlessly convert walk-ins into shoppers. Corporate Clients like BMW, Qatar Airways, Deloitte, Jeena & Co, and many more count on Benaisha for transforming their executives to be their Brand Ambassadors with strong communication, personal image and influence skills. She is deeply interested in working with differently-abled children to inspire them to lead meaningful lives. She has also helped children who suffer from attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, and down syndrome to regain their confidence and enhance their self-image.

Benaisha, an avid lover of books, travel, and fashion; lives in Mumbai India.

Excerpts from the Session
You can also watch the entire session video here:

But, for those who like to read or keep a note of the expert’s opinion, we bring the entire excerpt of the session so that you don’t miss out on anything. Here are the points that were covered in the live session:

What is procrastination is really about?
Most of us procrastinate at some point in our life. Procrastination can affect us in various ways and with time it can also stop us from moving forward. There are various reasons for procrastination and here are the most common ones:

  • Skill deficiency: Skill deficiency is all about not knowing the thing. There are many things that we don’t know how to do it. There are many things we don’t have the skillset for. Skill deficiency is the thing where a lot of us get into the mood to skip or get going with the part because we don’t really know how to do it. But you can actually work it out by actually learning the skill. A hack to tackle this thing is- you can write down the bunch of things that you feel you don’t know. Make a list and write down your pointers and start working on it so that you can fill the gaps.
  • Lack of interest: Low-interest levels can easily make you stop in doing the task. When you are not interested in any activity, you will definitely procrastinate for that thing. A tip to tackle this factor is- you can find someone who finds that task interesting. By doing the task with someone who is interested in that area cannot only make you do the task properly but also make you learn interesting and new ways to do the task. One other way to combat this aspect is by setting some treats for yourself. This tricks your mind and helps you in developing an interest in the work to accomplish your treat.
  • Lack of motivation: Lack of motivation is another reason for procrastination. True motivation does not come instantly to you. Until and unless you feel that this task will bring some benefits to you, you will not feel motivated. Motivation comes side by side with knowing exactly what’s in it for me. Always keep your end goal in the mind to make yourself motivated throughout the journey.

Why we become procrastinators?

  • No Schedule: It is said that only dead fish go with the flow. When you are alive you have to discover new things, you have to start your way around. So, have a schedule. Planning your day can help in increasing productivity and drive great results.
  • Not taking the responsibilities: Passing the parcel is one of the great games that we always play around. We should stop playing this game and take responsibilities of our work and invest our time in proper planning and scheduling to achieve the best end results. You are responsible for who you are! Be mindful and responsible for your actions and thoughts.
  • Not standing adversity: Stress and difficult situations can easily shake up our mind which actually makes us the procrastinators. Procrastination is not a habit, it’s a choice. Take the responsibility and that what helps you in adverse situations.
  • Backup: We always stuck in the backups that can affect our decisions while making us choose to not do that thing. Relying on the backup plans can make you think that someone else will do your work and that is how it makes you a procrastinator.
  • Waiting for the right time: Don’t wait for the right time, make the time right for your work. We always stuck in picking, choosing or deciding the right time for our work and it never comes. Don’t sit and wait for the right time to do work, just make plans and work correctly and time is all right for you.

How can we deal with the procrastination?

  • Chop your work (divide your work into small chunks and reward yourself with the completion of every chunk)
  • Treat yourself (make sure that you don’t force yourself to do the work. Just take small steps and don’t be too hard on yourself)
  • Don’t go with the flow (Take your responsibilities, make a schedule and plan and work on it)
  • Set the mood right when you are doing things (align your workspace as per your thoughts)

Procrastination is not a habit, it’s a choice which your mind picks in different situations due to the factors written above. Make sure you see the things in a different way and change your perspective towards the work. Trick your mind, have a plan and always think about the end results when you do your work. This helps in motivating you while assisting you in successfully accomplishing your goals in a creative and new manner.

You can also watch the entire session video here:
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