Eat Like A Local- Kooky Flavours of Kerala

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Eat Like A Local- Kooky Flavours of Kerala

Kerala is the ‘Land of Spices’ and has a vast range of authentic flavours. Experimenting with different local ingredients and preparing a delicious dish is the ‘in’ thing in Kerala nowadays. The traditional cuisines are full of flavour and people are now taking a lot more interest in cooking and the reflection can be seen in a variety of dishes. Cuisines of Kerala are influenced by the culture and style of life over there which can be seen in the delicacies prepared. There is a range of dishes that are local to Kerala such as the chicken kimchee, prawn Katori chaat, mushroom theeyal, kappa pudding, etc. A Local Kerala dish marks checks on all the parameters such as the authentic flavour, taste, ingredients, and presentation.
Rice is the staple food in Kerala and is prepared in many forms. The fresh marine food and vegetables, coconut, and a melange of spices will make anyone addicted to the flavours of Kerala.

A brief into the state’s favourite from a variety of breakfast items to main curries and daily snacks:
These exotic and interesting local breakfast fares will make you forget the American and continental ones.

  • Appam is a timeless nasrani pancake that is prepared using fermented rice flour and local coconut milk. They are perfectly paired with some mutton or vegetable stew and are a great option for breakfast.
  • String hoppers also known as Idiyappam in the local language. These are prepared using rice noodles that are steamed and make a very simple breakfast. These are best paired with chickpea curry.
  • Puttu is another nutritious breakfast option that is prepared from steamed rice flour and coconut shavings and has an unusual flavour. It can be paired with some local Jaggery and banana, and can also be paired with kadala curry.

Authentic Kerala curries: The vegetarian or non-vegetarian curries are all prepared with seafood, the meat, and the local vegetables that are all an inextricable part of Kerala’s extensive cuisine.

  • Kerala spicy red fish curry is flavoured with tamarind and is a matchless culinary bomb. This sour tamarind flavoured fish curry is apt for the Kerala climate and is an all-time favourite if everyone. The blend of fenugreek, green chilli, red chilli powder, turmeric, and curry leaves are masterful tastemakers and are paired with the addition of coconut milk too.
  • Avial is a signature vegetarian dish that is made with thinly sliced vegetables, curd, and coconut gratings and is a favourite amongst vegetarians.
  • The coastal state of Kerala offers a spectacular array of seafood and offers delicious Prawn Curry. It is ‘finger-licking’ good and made with fresh prawns, chilli, salt, pepper, and a generous amount of coconut milk. It is a perfect side dish for everyday boiled rice.

Tea-time Snacks are an integral part of the Malayalam schedule, and here are some of the extremely loved tea-time munchies that are loved by all.

  • Banana fritters were also known as Pazham pori in the local language is an addictive, juicy, and crisp snack that is made by coating ripe bananas with flour and deep-frying them. They are mostly enjoyed among the local families during the evenings.

Over to you:
Keep these in your mind the next time you plan a vacation to the beautiful state of Kerala and uncover the best the state has to offer and try all the delicious traditional dishes!

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