5 Summery Evening Snacks for Kids

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5 Summery Evening Snacks for Kids

Evening hunger packs are the most critical part of the day for kids. Often, kids watch out for food options that are inviting and it is up to you to provide them with something nutritious that will not only energize them but provide satiety for the rest of the day. Even though a glass of milk with biscuits might seem to be a healthy choice, kids nowadays tend to look for options that are tasty and appealing.

Summers are in full swing, and kids need energy for their play and studies. So, help them with some recipes to keep their bodies fueled with nutritional foods instead of chips and sugary treats:

  • Fresh Fruit Pizza – Fruit pizza is an attractive dessert perfect for children, a recipe that only takes ten minutes to make and features wholesome ingredients one can feel good about serving. The oh so whole wheat crust is free of any added sweeteners, and the frosting is made using Greek yogurt with the touch of honey and orange juice along with the sprinkled colourful fruits as topping that provides a boost of antioxidants and vitamins for every kid.
  • Chicken Stuffed Bell-pepper – Bell peppers are sweet, crunchy and provide lots of Vitamin C, A and B. We love them in so many different dishes. Chicken stuffed Bell peppers are a quick and easy to make and serve as a perfect evening snack. They are prepared with a flavouring mixture that combines onions, garlic, herbs, spices and chicken, then oven-baked until soft and cheesy.
  • Raspberry Banana Ice-cream – Summer call for ice-creams and kids love it when it comes to ice-creams. Banana Ice Cream is an interesting way to prepare ice-cream in a healthy way, that is so easy to make and tastes amazing. Peel banana and raspberry and slice, place both of them on a baking tray and freeze them for at-least 2 hours. Then using a food processor and blend them both until smooth and creamy, place it in a bowl and return it to the freezer and serve it, topped with nuts.
  • Pesto Roll up – Veggie rolls recipe is popular across the world. This is such an all-round dish that many people have come out with their own version. One such version is Pesto Veggie Roll, this recipe is prepared by stuffing tender vegetables with freshly made creamy pesto sauce, and then baked to perfection. Loaded with the vitamins and minerals, this delicious snack recipe will keep the health as happy as your taste buds and will be loved by children because of its non-spicy and creamy flavour.
  • Blueberry Flax Smoothie – Smoothies are a delight in summer and this creamy and refreshing blueberry smoothie is made with fresh blueberries, sweet coconut milk, and smooth yogurt all blended together into a nutrient packed and delicious drink, topped with antioxidant rich flax seeds. Serve and see them enjoy it.

Over to you:

Celebrate this summer season with these kids-friendly snacks for a healthy boot.

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