5 Creative Autism Friendly recipes for Children

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5 Creative Autism Friendly recipes for Children

Finding a meal for a kid can be difficult as kids are picky eaters and they have a variety of tastes. In the case of autistic kids, sensory issues with food are normal. They have a strong preference for foods that can feel a certain way in their mouths. It can vary from soft or creamy foods like yogurt in some kids to crunchy foods like carrots in other kids. They like presentable food that has specific taste, texture, temperature, and type.

Here are some creative recipes to try:

  • Oat and buckwheat pancakes: These are a very addictive breakfast option to munch on and are loved by kids. Start by making a puree of buttermilk with oats in a blender along with eggs, buckwheat flour, flaxseeds, baking soda, melted butter, and salt. Then make a pancake by melting some butter in a skillet and cook from both sides. It can be served with fruits to make it more appetizing and presentable.
  • Peach clouds: this is a very delicious and easy to prepare dessert. It must be prepared before handily and it’s worth the effort. It is prepared using peaches, salt, egg whites, vanilla extract, and some date paste. Just beat egg whites in a mixer and add in the salt and date paste and keep whisking. Then place in a preheated oven and turn off the oven and keep it overnight. Serve it on a plate. To make it look more elegant and presentable; it can be served along with vanilla ice cream, fresh flowers, and mint leaves
  • Blushing grapefruit sorbet: This sorbet hit during the holidays and is a light summer refresher. It is not overly sweet and tastes delicious. It is prepared by combining grated grapefruit zest, minced fresh ginger root, star anise, honey, and some water in a saucepan. Boil it for about 20 minutes. Allow it to cool and then in a large bowl add in this mixture along with lemon juice and ruby red grapefruit juice and freeze for 4 hours or until they become firm. Serve them by scooping them out in different shapes to make them look more presentable as kids love to eat that way.
  • Chocolate pudding: this is a creamy, simple chocolate pudding that is prepared with cocoa powder. The simple preparation method includes combing the ingredients in a saucepan such as adding almond milk, vanilla; honey, cocoa powder, and flour mixture (combine some flour and water to make a paste). Occasionally stir while cooking till it thickens. Cool it in a refrigerator and serve it by garnishing it with some nuts.
  • Coffee cheesecake: this recipe is gluten-free and sugar-free and is very delicious. It can be prepared by first processing all the ingredients in a food processor to blend such as sunflower seeds, coconut, cocoa powder, salt, and butter. Take a pan and press down the blended crust mixture. Pour some brewed coffee over the crust and add some gelatine to set aside. Blend some cream cheese in a blender along with coffee, salt, and vanilla extract. Pour it and allow it to refrigerate overnight. Serve with some grated nuts and cocoa powder.

Over to you:
Commitment to a kid’s diet is a lifestyle change and just adding the favorites to the recipes helps to get going in the right direction. The best way is to allow the child to help in meal preparation for some fun as it is a resource to thrive in parenting the child with special needs!

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