How Chronic Health Conditions are affecting Obese Children?

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How Chronic Health Conditions are affecting Obese Children?

Childhood obesity is a serious health concern for the children of this generation. Children in the obese category who have crossed simply being overweight and are at high risk for many chronic health conditions. Poor health rooting from childhood obesity can continue into adulthood and cause severe health complications.

Childhood obesity doesn’t just affect physical health. Children and teenagers who are overweight or obese can become depressed and have a poor self-image and might not feel confident of their bodies. Family history, psychological factors, and lifestyle patterns all contribute to childhood obesity. But the main cause of childhood obesity can be a combination of overeating and exercising way too little.

Children who are obese have a higher risk of developing health conditions than their peers who maintain healthy body weight. Let’s discuss some of the health conditions that are affecting obese children:

  • Heart diseases: Foods that are high in fat and salt content can cause a shoot in cholesterol and blood pressure levels. High cholesterol and high blood pressure levels increase the risk of future heart disease in obese children. The two most common potential complications of heart disease are heart attack and stroke.
  • Diabetes: Type 2 diabetes is common among obese children. This is a chronic health condition that affects the way your child’s body uses sugar (glucose). Diabetes can also cause eye disease, nerve damage, and kidney dysfunction among children. The risk of type 2 diabetes increases in case of obesity. Lifestyle modifications and a good diet can reverse this condition.
  • Breathing problems: Asthma is common among children who are overweight. Obese children are also more likely to develop obstructive sleep apnea which is a serious disorder in which a child’s breathing repeatedly stops and starts while they sleep.
  • Joint pain: Many children may experience joint stiffness, pain, and limited range of motion from carrying excess weight. In many cases, losing weight is the ultimate option to eliminate joint problems.
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD): This disorder usually shows no symptoms but causes fatty deposits that build up in the liver. NAFLD can eventually lead to scarring and liver damage and should be treated as early as possible.

Over to you:

All these health conditions in childhood obesity could be avoided with proper guidance and healthy lifestyle choices like good sleep, a well-balanced diet, and staying active by plenty of exercise for all the health concerns.

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