Carrot Seed Oil For Skin: Here is Everything You Need to Know About

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Carrot Seed Oil For Skin: Here is Everything You Need to Know About

Right from tea tree oil to eucalyptus oil- plenty of essential oils come into the spotlight in recent years due to their various benefits on the skin. Carrot seed oil is another essential oil that is recently gaining the limelight of the beauty world. Extracted from the dried seeds of Daucus carota botanical, this essential oil is rich in various nutrients and can do wonders on your skin. Carrot seed oil is a great anti-ageing skincare ingredient and contains about 40% of carotenoids (a bright orange pigment that is known as an antioxidant superstar). Our skin can easily absorb the carotenoids, especially the outermost layer and therefore making this oil a perfect ingredient to incorporate into your routine.

Why should you try carrot seed oil?

Carrot seed oil can significantly outshine your skin while giving you great anti-ageing effects. Using carrot seed oil with essential skin-boosting ingredients like Vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E can help in moisturizing and nurturing skin health like nothing else. Right from smoothing fine lines, repair sun damage to fading out scars- this oil can become a magical potion for all your skin woes. Carrot seed oil can help in balancing the oil production on the skin and can easily address skin ailments and that too on any skin type.

Here are some significant properties carrot seed oil offers

  • Antioxidant Properties: Carrot seed oil offers a great number of antioxidants which makes it a versatile choice for those looking for an anti-ageing ingredient to incorporate in their skin-care routine. This oil is the perfect blend of skin vital nutrients that safeguard your skin from sun damage while making it supple, brighter and toned.
  • Antibacterial Properties: Carrot seed oil offers powerful antibacterial properties. Using it on your skin can eradicate harmful bacteria from the skin while balancing out the oil production.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Carrot seed oil offers great anti-inflammatory properties that are quite soothing to the skin and scalp. Using this oil can easily decrease redness, irritation and acne.

Here’s how you can use it

  • In Aromatherapy: One of the best ways to use carrot seed oil is to use it in aromatherapy. It can easily relieve stress while making your skin more calm and relaxed. All you have to do is add 3-6 drops to an electric diffuser and use it.
  • As An Exfoliant: Another way of using carrot seed oil is to use it as an exfoliator. It can easily remove dead skin cells while deeply cleaning the pores. All you have to do is pour 2 spoons of coconut oil, honey along with some coffee and 8 drops of carrot seed essential oil and massage in a circular motion for about 7-10 minutes. Once done, wash with lukewarm water.
  • As A Face Mask: You can also add some drops of carrot seed oil to your clay face mask to refresh and rejuvenate your skin deeply.


Use this oil in various ways to get glowing and shiny skin! Keep on experimenting and always listen to your skin to get better results. Also, if you have any skin allergies, make sure to consult a skin expert before using it.

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