8 Tips for Working out in the Heat

By      07-May 2021       Reading Time: 6 Mins

8 Tips for Working out in the Heat

The sunny and warm days are here and exercising in such a rising temperature can be overwhelming. Taking extra precautions during this season is extremely important to decrease the risk of various summer-related health ailments. Obviously, proper hydration is extremely important but apart from this, there are various other plenty of things that should be taken into consideration while working out in the heat. Here we bring you 8 tips that will assist you in keeping hydrated and nourished even in the intense blazing heat and safeguard you from the thousands of summer-related health ailments.

  • Keep yourself hydrated: Proper hydration is a key to survive summery days. It also helps in the proper functioning of the body and fuels you up with energy. Proper hydration flushes out the toxins from the body and keeps the body cool and calm. In addition to plain water, you can add smoothies, buttermilk, infused water, coconut water and lemon drinks to get the proper hydration.
  • Nourish yourself with light and healthy foods: Working out in the scorching heat can take away your energy if you don’t fill your tummy with light foods. It is important to eat light, juicy and nourishing foods 2 hours prior to your workout so that you can get proper energy and nutrients to get going. Try to keep your meals lighter and fill your plate with fruits and vegetables. Maintain your portion size and don’t consume hot, packaged or fried foods as they are rich in negative calories and won’t help you in any way rather than just adding pounds to your body. You can have a homemade protein blend, smoothies, yoghurt parfait, granola, fruits and bananas.
  • Wear loose, light-coloured clothing: We always wear fitted and tight clothes while working out. But wearing lighter colour clothes with cotton material will assist in reflecting heat while evaporating the sweat. So, always pick subtle tints of clothes to keep yourself breezy and cool while working out.
  • Maintain hygiene and keep your body cool: The blazing heat during summer brings sweaty and moist body temperature which can make you feel tired, drained and lazy. And that is why it is important to maintain clean hygiene. Bad hygiene can not only make you feel lethargic but also increase the risk of infections during summertime. Wash twice a day and stick to cotton attires to kill that slothful mood. You can also apply curd to your body including hair before taking a shower to cool and refresh your body.
  • Change the type of workout as per the temperature: Changing the type of workout as per the temperature is the best way to get effective results without any complications or injuries. If you are working out in a super-hot and humid temperature then always pick cardio activities that are not very intense and keep you cool like cycling or swimming in cold water.
  • Start with slow-paced workouts: Make sure that you slowly start your workouts by properly warming up your body in order to avoid overheating. You can take breaks in between your workouts and sip some water to avoid dehydration. Also, you can split up your exercises as per your strength and stamina and do workouts twice a day in order to avoid exhaustion.
  • Keep salty snacks nearby: Warmer temperature leads to salt depletion in the body that can donate to heat exhaustion. Sodium and potassium are the key minerals that build up electrolytes and further assist in regulating the balance of fluid in the body. Keep salty snacks nearby while working out to maintain adequate levels of sodium in the body. You can have olives, salted nuts, or pumpkin seeds to quickly replenish your sodium levels.
  • Do not rely on sports drinks: Rethink your decision of relying on sports drinks as these are filled with added sugars and fake colours that make them look attractive but can do a lot of harm to the overall health and well-being. Moreover, sports drinks are filled with harmful additives that can harm our body in plentiful ways.


Do follow these above-written tips while working out in this hot and warm temperature. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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