15 Day Health Challenge for Brides-to-be: Day 14- Focus on Being Happy on the Inside

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15 Day Health Challenge for Brides-to-be: Day 14- Focus on Being Happy on the Inside

As your wedding day approaches close, you feel a lot of emotions- some negative, some positive. But, working on the inside more than the outside, can help you in more ways than you think. A happy state of mind leads to more relaxed reactions in situations, less stress and better bodily functions.

To know more on how you can focus more on being happy on the inside, read on.

  • Shush the negative thoughts.
  • We all get negative thoughts now and then, but the way you deal with it makes all the difference. Try to not give into them by turning towards the positive. By doing so, you can increase your energy levels, creativity and productivity by as much as 30%. So, maybe think of a pie in the sky or take up something that you like.

  • Practice gratitude.
  • Every day when you thank the universe for all the things that you have, you will feel so much better than usual. When you wake up think of three things that you are grateful for and remind yourself of it every now and then.

  • Indulge in things that make you happy.
  • Read, write, hang out with your friends, listen to some music, exercise, paint, or just sip hot tea on a cold day along with your family. Anything that gives you peace and contentment on the inside is your best friend, wedding or no wedding.

  • Don’t compromise on your beauty sleep.
  • When you do not get deep sleep, your negativity takes over big time. Your bad mood can be a derivative of lack of sleep, which is very common on all brides-to-be. Hence, to be energetic and happy throughout the day, fix your sleeping pattern and try to be in bed by that time.

  • Be in the present.
  • When you imagine too much and do not live in reality, you tend to get more anxious and negative. Hence, know when you are imagining the situation and try to cut that process. Understand this that, the more you stay in the present the better you will fee

Over to you.
Try these ways to keep yourself happy, and talk about anything that stresses you to any of your loved ones. Do not overthink, your wedding is a big day and you do not want to feel worn out.

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