National Minority Donor Awareness Day 10 Reasons to Become An Organ Donor

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National Minority Donor Awareness Day 10 Reasons to Become An Organ Donor

Every year August 1 is marked as Minority Donor Awareness Day. On this day awareness is spread about the need for donating organs, eyes, and tissues, especially among the minorities. There is a serious shortage of transplants and the waiting list is big among the minorities.

Along with organ donation awareness is spread about a healthy lifestyle among the minorities as chronic conditions related to the heart, kidney, liver, and pancreas raise the requirement for organ donation. Healthier the population will be, fewer transplants would be required.

Here Are Reasons Why You Should Become An Organ Donor

  • It saves many lives – There are 12 organs and tissues that can be transplanted. By donating organs you save and heal other person’s life.
  • Matching criteria – An organ can only be transplanted if the donor’s organ matches the receiver’s blood type and other medical criteria. But donation doesn’t require this criterion and if it matches with criteria for the needy it can heal someone’s life.
  • Opportunity to help others – By donating organs you can help some have a better life. Nothing can be as big an opportunity to help others as this one is.
  • Waiting list is big – Due to matching criteria, it becomes difficult for organ receivers to receive an organ from anyone, and hence waiting list is big. If there are a large number of donors there is the possibility that the waiting list is reduced.
  • There are no age criteria – A healthy organ can be donated to the needy irrespective of age.
  • Donating process is simple and quick – All that donor needs to do is register with the organization which is into organ donation and transplant.
  • Shortage of Donors – There is a serious shortage of organ donors all over the world. The population signing up for donation is very less and the population waiting for organ transplants is increasing.
  • Donation is supported by religions – Many religions support organ donation and donation is considered a holy and generous act towards others. If unsure you can approach your religious leader.
  • Donation is unbiased – Donation treats equally to everyone and there is no business based on caste, creed, wealth, or power. All it requires is medical criteria and severity of illness.
  • No donation is bigger than this – Organ donation is the biggest donation one can ever do by saving and healing others’ life.

Over To You
Organ donation is the best donation one should do and save the lives of others. Though people’s awareness is there among the population; an initiative is also required to be taken.

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