5 Tips to Safeguard Yourself from the Environmental Hazard

By      21-Nov 2020       Reading Time: 5 Mins

5 Tips to Safeguard Yourself from the Environmental Hazard

With the change in time, people now are slowly realizing the importance of protecting their environment by going green and buying organic products. And why not?! They are quite affordable, save the environment and protect the health. Environmental Hazard is an event, substance or state that can potentially threaten people’s lives and affect the surrounding environment adversely which includes natural disasters like earthquakes, storms, floods and pollution like air pollution, water pollution and many more. But you can start making simple yet effective changes in your life today with the following 5 tips to safeguard yourself from the environmental hazard.

  • Grow more green patch around you
  • We all know that plants give away oxygen. Thus, the best way to improve the quality of air at home and your surrounding is by growing as many trees as possible. You can grow areca palm, aloe vera, holy basil, English ivy and spider at home as these have the capacity to clean the air and minimize pollution.

  • Eat healthily
  • It is very crucial to maintain a healthy diet to protect yourself from the diseases. Include seasonal vegetables and fruits which contains vitamin C & A such as carrots, oranges, kiwi, grapes, lemon, papaya and sweet potatoes in your daily diet to level up your immunity. Drink 2-3 litres of water to keep yourself hydrated and also remove the toxins from your body.

  • Stay covered up and maintain hygiene
  • Winter is the time when the threat to infection increases, so try to wear clothes which covers your body and protects you from diseases. In addition, keep washing your hands and feet every few hours to avoid the dirt particles which are present in the environment. Try to keep your surrounding clean and hygiene, you can plan a family project to pristine your area in order to settle the pollutants and dust.

  • Stay fit and active
  • Staying fit all season can be a challenge. Your body takes time to adapt according to the change in weather, so it is very important to stay fit and active to fight against infection.
    Research suggests, a person should exercise for at least 30 mins. Do we suggest why not make getting fit enjoyable? You can make an exercise chart according to your choice or consult your trainer, Choose activities that fit your lifestyle, make your exercise a social event – you can invite friends and ask your family to work out with you, this way you both can motivate each other and make your session a great success.

  • Go Organic, Grow your own food
  • We all know that even outside greens can’t be safe. The food you buy is transported from one state to another so they can’t be fresh. In addition, many fruits and vegetables have pesticides or other chemicals that could pose a danger to your health. So go organic and grow your own fruits and vegetables.

Over to you:
We know the environment is causing so many hazards you to and your loved ones! Let us each take one foot forward to protect our environment and make a suitable sustainable living for our future generations. We hope you find these tips beneficial, let us all safeguard ourselves from the hazards and live a healthy life.

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