The Do’s & Don’ts to Keep your Asthma in Check

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The Do’s & Don’ts to Keep your Asthma in Check

Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that affects the bronchioles of the lungs. It is truly draining at times, and we know exactly how much the respiratory condition can affect your everyday life. Certain things might seem obvious when it comes to minimizing the effects asthma can have on you, some aren’t as clear.

However, asthma disease cannot be cured but can be controlled effectively. Inculcating oneself about the asthma causes and understanding the risk factors of Asthma shall help in making right choices and improve the quality of life.
Here, we round up some do’s and don’ts to remember when it comes to managing your condition and preventing your symptoms.


  • 1.Be aware of your symptoms – Paying attention to your early warning signs like shortness of breath or tightness in your chest, will help you take actions helping you to stay on the top of your asthma.
  • 2. Do Yoga Yoga is undeniably effective when it comes to managing stress – one of the key triggers of asthma. Practicing deep breathing and meditation techniques will aid you when it comes to controlling your stress levels, and helping to cope with stressful situations in a calmer, more rational way.
  • 3. Keep your home clean and dust free- Cleaning home regularly will prevent a build-up of dust, dirt and pet dander all of which comprise the causes of asthma.
  • 4. Eat a healthy diet – Diet plays an essential part. Include Vitamin C rich foods, beta carotene, green vegetables for asthma care and cure.


  • 1. Don’t smoke – Tobacco smoking is harmful in all situations, regardless of whether you suffer from asthma or not. But, if you do have respiratory issues, you should avoid smoke wherever possible. Either it means kicking the habit or simply preventing people from smoking in your home or car.
  • 2. Don’t discontinue your inhaler – Preventer inhaler should be a part of your action plan for tackling asthma. It is advised to continue taking your inhaler to maintain optimal health as prescribed by the doctor.
  • 3. Do not eat food that triggers the condition – Certain foods cause asthma. Avoid Peanuts, salt, processed foods, allergic foods.
  • 4. Don’t stop Exercising – Exercising is a must and one should try not to let asthma get in the way of that fitness routine. It is beneficial to work out for many reasons, and it is always better to discuss your concerns with your doctor rather than quit exercising altogether.

Over to you:

Hold it together, take charge of your asthma and follow these dos’ and don’ts be at your breathing best. So, start from today and fight asthma with the most effective tips.

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