Healthy Savouries to Relish on This Eid-Al-Adha

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Healthy Savouries to Relish on This Eid-Al-Adha

Eid-Al-Adha- the festive time of the year people dress up in their best clothes, have grand feasts to spend time with their loved ones, and devour in the rich taste of meaty dishes. Although the festival is filled with happy moments, it also brings an inevitable fear of over-eating. Seriously, resisting a bite of yummy curry with fragrant rice or with cheese naans is difficult but adding more veggies to make it healthier is not that difficult.

The Holy Month of Ramadan and Eid Al Adha are a hearty affair loaded with delicious greasy snacks, savoury dishes and sugary syrups but no doubt, we can make it healthier by adding several nutritious and less oily food items which can actually keep our energy levels up throughout the day.

Since the festival is all about sharing food and happiness with families and friends together, people share home-cooked food with each other as part of the tradition.

Here are few healthy authentic and must have savouries to relish this Eid:

  • Mutton Biryani
  • Well, Eid celebration is incomplete without biryani, and biryani just sounds so synonymous to Eid. However, mutton or chicken is just about your personal preference. Made with the goodness of mutton, rice, ghee, saffron and a melange of spices, this delicacy is often served with mirchi ka salan or korma, which simply gives you an experience like none other. A healthier version could be adding lean meat instead of red meat.

  • Chicken Korma
  • An authentic Mughlai recipe, chicken Korma is slow-cooked delicacy and is pure indulgence, often paired with sheermal, biryani, or plain rice. Chicken korma is one such delight that can accentuate your meal experience and is prepared with the goodness of meat, onions, tomatoes, yogurt and a blend of Indian herbs and spices. With just a few ingredients and heavenly taste, chicken korma can be made healthier by adding more vegetables and this would also make it crunchier and reduce the cream or fats which we are adding to it. We can also choose to make it vegan friendly.

  • Maqluba
  • It is a kind of savoury cake which is another popular in Middle Eastern countries is Maqluba and it consists of fried vegetables, meat and rice cooked together in a pot which is then flipped upside down to serve as a part of the feast. Instead of opting for fried vegetables, we can add baked veggies and have more portions of vegetables rather than meat. Instead of cooking rice in plain water, we can cook in vegetable stock, this will add more nutrients to the dish.

  • Tagine
  • An inevitable part of Eid-al-Adha feast- Tagine. It is a popular dish in Morocco and is a well-known choice. The authentic dish consists of a savoury stew steamed with vegetables. Generally, people like to add poultry, meat or fish to it and it’s often served with couscous but you can choose lean meat options instead of red meat or add a variety of veggies if you like vegetarian more.

Over to you
Eid is the festive time where people indulge in sweets and savouries, they have grand feasts and celebrate with their friends and family but not being able to eat healthily should not get in the guilt after that. Try out these amazing recipes of savouries that are nutrient-dense and spread the festive cheer guilt-free!

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