A Guide to Know about Blood Cancer

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A Guide to Know about Blood Cancer

Blood cancer is also known as hematologic cancer. Most blood cancers originate in the bone marrow or the lymphatic system of the body. This kind of cancer affects the production and the function of your blood cells. Blood cell production processes are interrupted in patients suffering from blood cancer. This is caused when the growth of abnormal blood cells goes out of control. It affects the body’s capability to fight off infections effectively.

There are mainly three types of blood cancers:

  • Leukaemia: This cancer affects the bone marrow. In this condition, the body starts creating too many abnormal white blood cells.
  • Lymphoma: This affects the lymphatic system of the body when the body produces an abnormal number of lymphocytes.
  • Myeloma: This blood cancer affects the plasma cells which results in the weakening of the immune system.


Different type of cancers has many other symptoms but some of the common symptoms of blood cancer are:

  • Coughing
  • Night sweats
  • Fever or chills
  • Frequent infections
  • Shortness of breath
  • Itchy skin or rashes
  • Persistent chest pain
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Loss of appetite or nausea


The main goal of blood cancer treatment is the complete eradication of cancer. Many therapies are provided by blood cancer hospitals in India for this disease. A few of them are as follows-

  • Biological therapy to kill cancers
  • Chemotherapy- It uses drugs to kill cancer-causing cells. Depending on the type of blood cancer, you may take either a single drug or a combination of different drugs.
  • Bone Marrow Transplantation- This is typically a procedure in which damaged or destroyed bone marrow is replaced with healthy bone marrow stem cells.
  • Radiation therapy- It uses high-energy radiation to damage cancer cells and inhibits their growth. Radiation can be applied to a specific area or the entire body as well.


  • Eat Healthy: Increasing consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables that contain fibre and a lot of nutrients reduces the risk of blood cancer to some extent.
  • Regular Exercise: Regular exercise is essential to keep the body healthy. If you exercise daily for 30-45 minutes there are fewer chances of getting affected by the blood cancer and you will stay healthy
  • Avoid Exposure to Chemicals: Avoid getting exposed to certain harmful chemicals such as pesticides, as this will increase the risk of blood cancer. Exposure to benzene can also increase the chances of this type of cancer.
  • Avoid Exposure to Radiations: Avoid exposure to high radiation as during certain treatment procedures patients are often exposed to high-intensity radiation which increases their risks of succumbing to blood cancer.
  • Avoid Smoking: Cigarette or tobacco consumption is a huge risk factor for not only cancers but several other diseases and should be completely avoided.

Over to You:

The sooner Blood cancer is diagnosed and the faster it’s treated, the better the chance of recovery. Consult a doctor immediately, if you see any signs and symptoms.

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