Shruti Hassan Opens up on Her Struggles with PCOS

By      12-Mar 2020       Reading Time: 4 Mins

Shruti Hassan Opens up on Her Struggles with PCOS

The famous actor, Shruti Hassan shared a strong message on social media. She was found talking about her times of painful menstruation due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and she openly admitted that how women don’t talk about it due to stigma surrounding it. The reason behind the stigma in our society could be lack of awareness. A woman goes through many phases of life and there comes several inevitable changes accompanying that transformation.

Shruti Hassan was trolled constantly on social media and she slammed her trolls with a strong worded post. The actress posted a collage of her pictures on Instagram and stressed on not judging other people and comment on their physical appearance or weight.

Shruti was trolled for lip enhancement and nose job and so in the same post, she broke her silence on plastic surgery as well. 

Her thoughts were inspiring especially when she said biggest favour we can do for ourselves and others is just be who you are and learn to accept the movements and changes in our bodies and minds. She encourages people to spread love and be chill. The actor ended her post on a positive note by saying she is learning every day to love herself a little more because the greatest love story of her life is with herself and she hopes the same for others too. 

She spoke about being at the mercy of her hormones while suffering from PCOS and stresses that it isn’t okay to judge. She mentioned that there are many actors who choose to go under knife to enhance their looks but do everything to not let reveal their secrets out. The actor breaks the taboo when she revealed about her lip fillers which she got soon after she was told that she didn’t ‘look Indian enough’ for films. 

Being a child of famous people, she admits that she grew up in public eye and she knows how important it is to look good but she told that she doesn’t want young girls to think the same.

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Hassan motivates other women saying that she chose to live this way and the physical changes with pain aren’t easy but what’s easier is to share your journey. She was last seen in the recent short film, Devi with Kajol. Devi was released on 2nd March and got a really good response.

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