Super Foods For PCOS

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Super Foods For PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome (acronymic as PCOS) is categorically symptomized by irregular periods or complete absence of menstruation cycle. In PCOS there are multiple cysts in the ovaries of women, primarily caused by hyper-production of androgens (such as testosterone). About half of women affected with PCOS are categorized as overweight or obese.
Common manifestations of the illness cause low production of insulin which helps in converting blood sugar (glucose) into energy. Hinging your diet with foods which can help you overcome the complexities of PCOS can be the best solution apart from the medication. So here are some super foods vitally improving your PCOS symptoms.

Foods best at kicking out your discomforts during PCOS:

Barley: It is marked with the lowest Glycemic Index (GI) rating among all the common grains, making it the superhero for women with PCOS. Low-GI carbs (as in barley) take much time to digest and cause only a small or slow rise in the blood glucose and insulin levels, in addition, to reduce food cravings.

Cinnamon (Dalchini): Cinnamon has proven effective to reduce insulin resistance significantly (Insulin resistance is considered as the number one cause of PCOS). It also reduces the Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH,) which contributes to the occurrence of PCOS.

Papaya: Papaya is good for inducing periods or managing the menstrual cycle. It is highly classified in Vitamin A, Calcium, Potassium and vitamin B, B-6, B-1 and riboflavin content. It also increases metabolism and improves digestion. They are a good companion of your salads.

Flax seeds: They are Rich in Omega -3 and Lignan, which are accountable for fixing up the mood and reduction of androgen level. When flaxseed is added to your PCOS diet, it reduces testosterone levels and improves lipid profile, both of which are meaningful in managing and controlling of PCOS.

Black seeds (Kalongi): It is a boon to women suffering from PCOS as it helps in preventing the follicles from turning cystic. They boost metabolism, help weight loss and regularize menstrual cycle by balancing some of the stubborn hormones. They also improve blood sugar by enhancing insulin sensitivity.

Licorice root (Mulethi): Glycyrrhizin in licorice root has been shown to remarkably reduce plasma testosterone, which is good for PCOS patients with elevated testosterone levels or acne. It also restricts the magnification of harmful bacteria in the gut which further improves your health.

Pineapple: The sweetness of a fresh pineapple keep a check on those sugar cravings which are common in PCOS. Brimmed with an enzyme called bromelain imparts Pineapple, the pain reliever and anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Over to you:
Remember it’s not just one food which is going to tick all the boxes of the solution. Rather latch your meals with some or all the above-discussed food items to have a phenomenal management of the symptoms. To sum it up, try incorporating a couple of servings.

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