“Omicron Not Common Cold” – Government’s Top Covid Adviser, Dr. VK Paul, Bust the Common Misconception About Omicron

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“Omicron Not Common Cold” – Government’s Top Covid Adviser, Dr. VK Paul, Bust the Common Misconception About Omicron

The third wave is real and it’s here! Till now we all were under the misconception that ‘Omicron’, the new variant of Covid -19, is similar to common cold.

Unlike the previous Covid surge where Covid cases rose from the west and then moved to the east. This time the wave has heaved and swept across the world.

Severity of Omicron

Omicron appears less severe only because of an extensive vaccination drive that has taken place in many countries. But it is more contagious and transmits very easily.

The four most common symptoms of Omicron variant are cough, fatigue, congestion & runny nose.

Few cases have reported indications like nausea & loss of appetite but there is very less hospitalization compared to the second wave of Delta variant.

Official statement

Government’s top Covid advisor Dr. VK Paul stated that, ‘’Omicron is not a common cold and there should be a rational approach to the use of medicine. It’s our responsibility to slow it down as cases have been rising weekly in India. Data from metro cities atleast 10 days back showed 80% cases because of Omicron. There is a mixed picture of Delta & Omicron which will also change. Vaccination is the critical pillar of India’s Covid – 19’’ The Niti Aayog Member (health) also advised everyone to have warm water and gargle in home care.

Current scenario in India

Daily cases have been reported due to extensive testing. Covid positive cases rate is phenomenally high.

The home quarantine tally has touched 7.2 Lakh whereas during Delta wave in April 2021 it was 6.2 Lakh.

The reason behind this could be the rising number of infections in the entire family just in a couple of days.

Yesterday 2.47 lakh fresh cases were reported showing 27% jump from Wednesday, the highest single day rise in the ongoing wave. The total number of Omicron cases has risen to 5,488.

Curbs imposed

Many states have taken strict measures to ensure safety by imposing:
-Night curfew
– 50% capacity in malls
-50% capacity in restaurants
-50% attendance in offices
-Trains/metros to run at 50% capacity
-All schools & colleges to remain closed
-Double vaccination mandatory for travellers
-RT-PCR test compulsory for travellers coming from high risk countries
-No large gatherings


If we want, the spread of the Omicron variant can be curtailed. Our health is in our own hands.
Get vaccinated, mask up, wash hands regularly, don’t move out unless required, if you have symptoms isolate yourself immediately and get yourself tested. Do as advised by your medical practitioner.

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