Health Challenges of The Decade by WHO- #4 Access to Medicines

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Health Challenges of The Decade by WHO- #4 Access to Medicines

WHO recently released a list of various health issues that need to be on priority this Year. The list expresses 13 urgent global health challenges that need to be resolved as soon as possible for the overall well-being and harmony of the country.

The list was prepared with the input of WHO experts and it focus on various health care problems across the country like stopping infectious diseases and preparing for epidemics, defending adolescents and distributing healthcare in various areas. 

WHO list shows statements of deep concern towards the declining standards of health and the improper investment in the health care resources. Improper investments put various lives in jeopardy. Above written are some of the issues that are not easy to address but are within reach. WHO also mentioned that these health care challenges cannot be tackled only by the health care sector. All of them require special help from more than just the health sector.

All of the health challenges are important and need equal focus and therefore the list is not set in any order of priority. “All are urgent and many are interlinked,” WHO director-general Tedros said.

What is the fourth challenge about?

The fourth challenge is to expand the access of medicines all around the world. Due to political disturbances and income distribution, people with low income are not being able to take advantage of various health care facilities. People in this group need special knowledge of Medicare facilities with proper attention and special care.

Access to medicines

Approximately one-third of the world’s population is not getting the back of basic health care facilities. Basic amenities like lack of access to medicines, vaccines, diagnostic tools, and other essential health products are not even provided to them due to the various factors.

Such low access to quality health products become a threat to health and live of thousands of people and contribute to unnecessary deaths. Due to the lack of treatments, improper facilities and poor service quality the death rate of India has increased by 0.5% in 2019 as compared to the previous year.

WHO is working with different countries to enlarge its access to medicines to all people of the world, combat inferior and forged medicinal products, increase the capacity of low-income countries so that they can enjoy the great quality of medical products and get advance access to diagnosis and treatment of non-communicable diseases.


WHO claimed that their list of recent health challenges are urgent and they are soon going to take steps on how to resolve it so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of good resources and enjoy the hale and hearty health. Stay tuned for more information!

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