The Downsides of Juice Cleansing

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The Downsides of Juice Cleansing

Juice diets have become a crucial fad, people become immoderate during the festive season or on holiday and then depend on a juice cleanse diet to help them detoxify their bodies and lose weight. But it’s vital to contemplate the cons before giving into hype. Here are some downsides of juice cleansing, know why juice cleanse is not the best way to go, regardless of what you may have heard before.

  • Whole fruits and vegetables are healthier than juice.
    Vegetables and fruits are filled with dietary fibres, but you miss out on fibre when you make the juice out of them. Fibre keeps your digestive system moving, maintains your blood sugar levels and heart health, amidst other things.
  • You’re drinking a lot of sugar.
    Fruits contain a sugar called fructose, although these are natural sugar they can be profusely unhealthy and may cause infections, fatigue and blurred vision. Replace your juices with whole fruits as they consist of fibre which slows down the absorption of the sugar. Since juices do not contain any fibre, the chances of them getting absorbed are quick.
  • Juices don’t make for a balanced diet.
    There are certain juice diets which lack nutrients because they banish several food groups. Your body requires protein, vitamins and minerals on a daily account but you may miss out on all of them due to a juice diet. You may lose weight during cleanse but that will be your loss of muscle mass rather than loss of fat, simply put your body isn’t retrieving enough protein to fuel your muscle maintenance and growth. So, have a fruit or green salad to get the maximum number of nutrients.
  • The weight loss is not sustainable in the long run.
    There’s a myth that juice diet can do wonders in respect to weight loss which is true. The lack of carbs in juice causes the body to lose a lot of water, and people think it’s a magical way to lose weight. But when they start munching carbs again, the body starts to retain water. Juice diet cannot be a long term weight loss process, because after the diet people return back to their old and natural habits and regain the fat they lost. A great strategy to lose weight is to cut down on your sugar cravings and unhealthy food like junk foods for a longer period of time to get better results.
  • Your body detoxifies itself anyway.
    Bodyworks round the clock to remove all the harmful toxins and chemicals with the help of urine, faeces and sweat. So, you don’t really need a strict juice to cleanse. Instead, drink ample amounts of water on a daily basis to get rid of the toxins. A person must drink 2-3 litres of water per day.

Over to you:
Cut down all junk, sugary and fried food along with drinks which contain processed sugar from your diet if you want to lose weight and see the actual magic. But don’t restrict yourself on totally cutting out your favourite cheat meal, you can have them once in a while although within your limits. Avoid smoking and drinking and eat loads of fresh vegetables and fruits to detoxify your body. You can complement your diet with a healthy juice every day according to your preference.

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