New Year 2022: Unlearn these Habits For A Healthy You

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New Year 2022: Unlearn these Habits For A Healthy You

Have you wondered why our ancestors remained fit and had a long life span? Mainly because they had less exposure to habits that are harmful for health! With easy access our mind gets triggered to try out things that are not health friendly. We get tempted to try them again and again. These not only affect us but create unnecessary stress within relationships.

1- Skipping breakfast – After keeping the stomach empty for more than 8 hrs at a stretch it’s not ideal to skip your breakfast which is the main spread we start our day with and it should be eaten like a king. Make a proper meal timetable and stop procrastinating.

2- Screen addiction –
Whether you are glued to TV or spending time on your phone both have a negative impact on health. Being a couch potato will affect your efficiency and continuously on the phone makes your mind anxious. Leave the phone when you are between your loved ones. Chuck your favorite series and play some indoor or outdoor games. Go for a walk or jog. Delete apps that take too much of your time. Don’t keep on scrolling messages. Preserve your energy to do something productive.

3- Ignoring self-care – Ignoring self to adjust in the busy schedule becomes a habit. No sleep routine, unhealthy eating, confined to four walls, no personal hygiene, etc. are some of the signs of ignoring your individual needs. If you don’t have a self-care routine, it’s time to start now! Pamper yourself, go on a vacation, cook healthy food and sleep on time to get a happier version of you.

4- Eating junk – We all crave junk food at some point of time. A foodie will get driven by all sorts of food. The taste gives a different kind of adrenaline rush, which is not good for your health. Pizzas, burgers, fries, donuts, rolls etc., have high sodium and fat which should be avoided. Instead choose healthy alternatives to satiate your hankerings.

5- Smoking & drinking liquor – Smoking causes your lungs & arteries to choke. This can lead to massive heart attacks. Passive smoking is caustic even for your family members.
Drinking alcohol excessively everyday will increase blood pressure causing stroke. Quit smoking and limit your drinks to save your life.


Unlearning is now trending to have a quality life. Though it takes some time to unlearn bad habits, it’s not impossible. Accept that you are addicted to a bad habit and it will be easy to embrace good habits.

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