Bhagyashree Shares Wellness Tips to Relieve Stress Under Isolation

By      04-May 2021       Reading Time: 4 Mins

Bhagyashree Shares Wellness Tips to Relieve Stress Under Isolation

The reports and news about the COVID-19 pandemic have not only altered our lives but it is also taking us down to a mental state where we remain distressed, hopeless, anxious and low on energy. In addition to this, we are all suffering to find a balance between work and personal lives under isolation which adds up to our stress levels and anxieties and affecting our mental health and well-being like no other. A lot of health enthusiasts and fitness experts keep on posting about the guides and tips to keep yourself hale and hearty in such harsh and challenging times, b-town actress Bhagyashree has been sharing plenty of wellness information for their fans since the very beginning of the lockdown. Right from health, fitness to a skincare routine- the actress has been active on social media and has given plenty of easy and effective tips to keep yourself fit and fine while staying at home.

The actress recently spilled the beans on some wellness tips that will assist in bidding adieu to the stress and anxiety during isolation. These tips are quite effective in diverting your mind from stress while boosting your mental well-being.

In her recent video, she said, “chronic fatigue, body pain during and post Covid-19 can really make it very difficult for you to even stay mentally strong during isolation. To tackle this, mix about 10/15 drops of eucalyptus (Nilgiri) oil in coconut oil (as base oil) or make a ready oil in the ratio of 1:6 and use it to massage your hands and feet, morning and at night before you sleep. She further explained the benefits of the ingredients as well and added, Nilgiri oil is used in aromatherapy for stress reduction. It also clears your bronchi (passageways) in your lungs making it possible to breathe easier. Its essence also gives relief to your nose and throat.

She further concluded by saying that this remedy is quite easy to do and she abides by this regularly. Reducing body pain is one of the great ways to divert your mind from feeling stress and anxiety and therefore everyone should try this at home.

There are other great benefits of using eucalyptus oil. It helps in disinfecting wounds, regulates blood sugar levels, treats cold sores and gives you a fresh breath. This oil is beneficial in treating common diseases and various health conditions and its application on the skin is proved effective to treat arthritis and skin ulcers.


Do follow the tips suggested by this diva and stay tuned for more helpful and effective health and wellness tips. Let us know your favourite tricks to get rid of the body-ache and to keep the stress at bay.

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