Coronavirus Can Last on Banknotes for Days, Face Masks for a Week, Says Study

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Coronavirus Can Last on Banknotes for Days, Face Masks for a Week, Says Study

COVID-19, the novel coronavirus can last for days on different surfaces. A study shows that the virus can stay on the surface of the face masks for almost a week and can last on banknotes for several days. This virus can remain infectious on wood and cloth but was seen to disappear the very next day.


The intensity and duration of the virus differ from surface to surface but the only method to kill the virus is by using a disinfectant. If you think that a surface is contaminated, clean it with a disinfectant to make sure that the virus doesn’t survive any longer and nobody comes in contact with it.


Coronavirus barely survives on a copper surface for four to five hours and it can remain on a cardboard surface for up to 24 hours. During this period, the intensity of the virus also lowers down, with very low chances of infection.


During this time when you cannot leave your house, all the groceries are home delivered. People are concerned that these items can be infected with the virus, making them more anxious and paranoid. The ideal way is to clean all your home delivered products with a disinfectant to kill the virus if there is any. You can also leave these items untouched for one full day.


The chances of packages delivered to you carrying the novel coronavirus are very low as the virus becomes less viable over time unless the person carrying these items has sneezed or coughed on it or handled it with contaminated hands. Therefore, the best way to get rid of the virus is to wash your hands with soap and water. Coronavirus can travel from your hands when you touch your face, eyes or mouth. To avoid any risk, keep an alcohol-based sanitizer in the house and wash your hands regularly.


Coronavirus is quite stable in a favourable environment but using a disinfectant can easily destroy the virus, making a person less susceptible to the virus. On tissue paper, the virus can survive for less than three hours. The virus can survive on steel and plastic surfaces for the longest duration i.e. between four to seven days.

Face masks can also serve as a suitable ground for the virus to survive. It advised to not touch the outside of your mask as it may carry the infectious virus. By doing so, the virus will easily be transmitted to your eyes. Over time, the viability and concentration of the virus reduces on all the surfaces.




Maintaining good hygiene is extremely important. Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face, nose and mouth. Use a disinfectant to treat the contaminated area and stay indoors.

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