#CommittoQuit: WHO Tweeted That Smoking Puts You At Higher Risk For A Severe Case Of Covid & Various Diseases That Kill You

By      27-Jan 2022       Reading Time: 4 Mins

#CommittoQuit: WHO Tweeted That Smoking Puts You At Higher Risk For A Severe Case Of Covid & Various Diseases That Kill You

There are millions of deaths every year all over the globe, due to smoking. Smoking is not good for your health be it active or passive. People often smoke to reduce stress but it just brings more toxins to your body and stresses you out even more. You think that you are exhaling stress, whereas all you are doing is exhaling your health. WHO recently posted a tweet that says “Smoking Puts You At Higher Risk For A Severe Case Of Covid & Various Diseases That Kill You.” With a hashtag commit to quit, WHO urges everyone to quit smoking as it can be really dangerous for your health and can raise the risk of various health ailments including COVID-19.

Here are some fast facts that you must know:

  • Research has shown that more people have increased smoking in Covid times due to boredom or restriction of movement. But there are people who have decreased or even quit smoking because of the death-threat Covid brings along.
  • It is obvious that tobacco smoking causes many respiratory diseases and increases the risk factor of infections.
  • The functioning of the lungs is deteriorated by smoking, further increasing infections and diseases. Covid-19 is also an infectious disease that attacks the lungs primarily. And smoking makes it harder for the body to fight Covid-19.
  • People who smoke have more chances of contracting Covid-19 or related diseases as compared to non-smokers, says the public health experts from WHO.
  • Tobacco also gives rise to severe diseases like cancer, diabetes, respiratory disorders, cardiovascular diseases, which makes the body more prone to Covid-19 infections and developing more illnesses.

It is recommended to quit smoking to decrease the risk of contracting Covid-19. The various ways which can be useful are- nicotine replacement therapies in the form of gums and patches, toll-free quitlines, and text-messaging programs through mobiles.

This is what happens when you quit smoking:

  • The elevated heart rate and blood pressure will drop after 20 minutes of quitting,
  • Carbon monoxide will be back to normal after 12 hours,
  • Lung function and circulation will improve within 2 to 12 weeks,
  • You will see a decrease in coughing, shortness of breath, and overall respiratory functions to improve after 1 to 9 months.

People should be cautious of any information being shared and must verify the resources to avoid any negative consequences. It is important to quit smoking for decreasing the risk of Covid and your overall health. Don’t let tobacco lead you to the verge of serious diseases that can kill you.

We shall not forget that smoking is a factor in many diseases and thus can degrade the quality and even quantity of life. So, #committoquit for better health and overall being.

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