Nmami Life App- Helping You Manage Your Weight Better

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Nmami Life App- Helping You Manage Your Weight Better

With the advent of technology, we have become a little lazier and our lifestyle has shifted towards being sedentary and this has directly impacted our eating habits and our body. No wonder why India is under the burden of double risk of obesity and malnutrition. 

Weight Management is the practice of balancing a healthy diet, getting enough good quality nutrition and physical activity. It involves building muscles and eliminating fats that cause many health issues.

Weight loss

Obesity is an epidemic and around the globe, almost one-third of the population is dealing with this disease. As a result, people are suffering from diseases like diabetes, hypertension, blood pressure, sleep apnea, joint pain, and many others. Ailment list for obese people is long and to fight with it involves effective weight management.  

One of the golden rules of having a healthy body is by having your body’s weight in proportion to your height, gender, and age category. If you have decided not to load your heart with the baggage of excessive kilos around the body, we are here to help you in the most effective manner.

We, at Nmami Life, first assess and analyze the root cause behind your weight gain, whether it is because of some underlying medical condition, or due to lack of physical activity or irregular dietary patterns or genetics or a combination of two or more. This will aid us in designing the customized diet plan for your required target weight in the utmost accurate manner.

We will help you with:

  • Setting up a target weight
  • Customized diet plans as per your dietary preference, medical history, and daily routine
  • Regular follow-up and re-assessment
  • Setting up of fitness goals
  • Lifestyle Management

Could you believe all this with the natural food and without any fast-track pills, fad diets or so-called fat burning supplements?

Weight maintenance

Do you struggle to maintain the right numbers on the scale or is it really difficult to maintain weight? Shedding off and gaining weight can be quite easy at times but maintaining weight is where the entire game changes. While it is a commendable journey towards gaining or losing weight, maintaining yourself within the range of your target weight is equally essential. At Nmami Life the diet plans that we assist you with, are sustainable and are designed to help you in the long run. Hence, weight fluctuations once you go off the diet are very rare. But, chances are high of the weight fluctuations, if you follow fad diet trends and crash diet courses or undergo slimming procedures blindly, on your own. If you are someone who’d still want to be in a perfect relationship with your weighing scale, we are here to help you. 

Our weight maintenance plans will ensure-

  • Zero or negligible weight fluctuations
  • BMR maintenance as per your age, gender and medical history
  • Tweaking your menu to healthier and palatable items to bring in more variety of nutrients while keeping the calorie intake the same.

Weight gain

A weight gain program may seem like an opportunity for indulgence in lots of high-calorie junk food. Just grab some fried food and you’ll have a weight gain! Unfortunately, just as healthy weight loss requires a balanced and continuous approach; healthy weight gain is more than adding junk food to your daily meals. Weight gain or loss should always be healthy and it is always beneficial when it is done following the correct procedure in the right step by step manner.

Losing weight could seem to be easy rather than gaining weight but both can be equally cumbersome. Gaining weight is hampered by many factors like- fast metabolism, certain medications, stress, medical conditions like Hyperthyroidism, Coeliac disease, Anaemia, or Type I Diabetes.

Poor digestion and poor dietary intake can also contribute to muscle loss and thus making you underweight.

The biggest challenge with gaining weight is that people tend to gain on fat mass rather than gaining lean muscle mass which is healthier. It is seemingly easy to fall prey to consuming junk and processed food in order to bulk on the calories, but it might be harmful in the long run.

We, at Nmami Life, will help you in stacking up optimum kilos through a healthy and sustainable diet. 

Features of our weight loss diet plan are-

  • Setting up of fitness goals
  • Healthy weight gain focussing on muscle mass, not fat mass
  • Lifestyle & Activity management
  • Regular follow-up & re- assessment
  • Intervention of current medical history, if any

Over to you

We, at Nmami Life, are working continuously to provide the best of our services and to keep you healthy and fit. A fitter you keep you away from all the chronic illnesses and helps you have a positive outlook towards life.

To avail of our services, view our weight management programs at https://www.nmamilife.com/ where you can reach your fitness goal through a personalized diet plan.

Remember, your food choices affect your health and can make you stay fit in the long run so “Eat Today for Tomorrow.”

Download the app now:

iOS http://bit.ly/nmamiios

Android http://bit.ly/nmamiapp

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