15 Day Health Challenge for Brides-to-be: Day 4, Ditch the Junkies- Say Yes to Healthier Alternatives

By      10-Nov 2020       Reading Time: 5 Mins

15 Day Health Challenge for Brides-to-be: Day 4, Ditch the Junkies- Say Yes to Healthier Alternatives

The days just prior to your wedding are the most stressful. Right from the final bridal trousseau fittings to the final bookings, to getting ready for your D-day to looking best in your photos, there is a lot of anxiety that builds up. Amidst all this, to get the perfect bridal glow and a fit body, you must choose healthier alternatives on your diet. This would not only give you that bridal glow but also gives you the energy to work all day for the wedding prep. Here are some important guidelines to make sure that you shine on your D-day, by choosing a few alternatives:


Avoid all butter, ghee, refined oil, fried foods etc. as these can worsen your efforts of losing weight. Some healthy substitutes for these are olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil. Olive oil is one of the healthiest oils as it is made up of fruit of the olive tree. It helps you keep your blood sugar level regulated and helps you to gain healthy fats fasters. You can toss it with fresh veggies and cottage cheese and you are good to go. Coconut oil is another healthier option for keeping unnecessary fat out of your diet. It enhances the flavour of every dish and is rich in protein.


Added sugar is another thing a bride must avoid. It contributes to weight negatively and gives you unwanted blemishes. So to avoid these problems you should find alternatives for sugar like stevia, honey, jaggery or coconut sugar. Stevia is a plant-based sweetener which is packed with nutrients and gives you energy, but make sure that you go for the leaves and not the processed ones. Honey again is a natural sweetener, when mixed with warm water, helps you lose weight. If you crave sugar too much, have a tablespoon of honey first thing in the morning. 


All of us tend to have normal tea, with milk, which increases toxins in the body. So, replace normal tea with herbal tea. Herbal tea helps you to relieve stress, it’s a good source for antioxidants, detoxifies your body, which is essential for every bride-to-be as she undergoes a lot of stress. Alternatives for normal tea are green tea, hibiscus extract tea, lemongrass, ginger tea etc. 


Having refined products before your wedding is not good for your health. It promotes weight gain and gives you unwanted skin problems and takes away that bridal glow. Products like refined flour and oils are not good. Try consuming whole grain products, like whole-grain wheat, bajra, oats which promotes weight loss and gives you your aspired body type.


With all the healthier alternatives, your bridal journey may get a bit boring. So you can snack upon dark chocolate, granola bars or sweetcorn. This will help you satisfy your taste buds. So go ahead and take a note of these and enjoy your health at it’s best. 


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